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On July 29th, Yahoo are launching their Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network (“YWACN”) and they have chosen to accept Receptional as one of the founding consultancies. As Yahoo! Web Analytics is currently only available to customers through select channels, like ourselves, this provides you with the opportunity to benefit from the services of an exclusive product.

Receptional offers Yahoo Analytics free of charge to its retained clients. Although we can provide consultancy support and setup to non-clients for a one off fee, we are proud to be able to offer superior analytics and reporting than our competitors, without charging the earth.

Yahoo Analytics

Yahoo analytics – in our experience (and we are experienced) – offers considerable advantages over both Google analytics and Omniture – both of which are leading players in the analytics industry.

On the fly report filtering: One of the frustrations we hear most from sites owners using Omniture is the inability to do adHoc reports instantly without having to continually go back to administrators or Omniture specialists to build the reports. With Yahoo analytics – not only can I see (say) all the sales over a given range, I can (on the fly) limit the sales to originating URL, or landing page or one of a hundred other filtering criteria. So in an instant we can see whether users starting their journey at page A convert better than users starting their journey at page B, for example.

Full Path Analysis: We can see the route every user took through the site – and how many visits it took them to buy. we can easily set up sales funnels and anticipated paths to see where users are dropping out of the site – and we can easily track buyers back to the original referrer… be it paid search OR organic. Try doing that with Google analytics and you may be trying for some time.

Easy integration. Like Google analytics, Yahoo’s integration is straightforward at the simpest level. But it’s functionality is closer to Omniture’s.

Live data – in real time. You don’t need to wait to see your visitor data. It’s there… now.

Are you ready to move to an agency that thinks outside the crowd? we’d love to see you.

ADDED 15th July 2009: There seems to be some demand… so we have a limited number of free yahoo analytics accounts to give away.