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Content Production

Have you heard: keywords are an essential part of getting seen on the web. The content you publish should be specifically chosen to target a specific audience. It’s not exactly news, is it?

And, in fact, search engines aren’t the only place to gain traffic. Most successful marketers create a variety of content types, to reach out to more people and get discovered through more platforms.

Your content could be a combination of:

Articles and Blog Posts

Writing articles and blog posts is great for generating search engine traffic. Your content will be relevant and target what your audience is searching for. Producing in-depth articles can be a great way of strengthening your business’ reputation in a competitive online space.

Infographics and Other Images

In fast moving online environments, particularly social media, you can’t afford to let your message become lost. Image content that is striking and engaging is a really effective way to get attention and demonstrate why you stand out from the crowd.

Video and Podcasts

There’s little point writing articles if your audience won’t read them. So, if your market isn’t particularly literate or literary, you can easily adapt by creating video content. This will allow you to gain traffic through sites like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

Social Media Apps and Updates

Give your social following a boost by creating content that audiences can engage and even interact with. You can use images, video, competitions and giveaways to get your followers involved and keep them entertained, all whilst promoting your brand.

Why you should choose Receptional

At Receptional, we’re constantly experimenting with the latest and best media. We pride ourselves on the range and quality of our creative skills, as well as our ability to use them to build your brand.
And when it comes to the mechanics of writing keyword-optimized copy – well, our highly skilled team have mastered the art of incorporating traffic-driving techniques into entertaining and informative content.
If you want to make your content shine, get in touch below: