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Update: we’re now out of quota for free accounts for July, but we’ll be providing more accounts in the first week of August. First come first served, so you can increase your chances by subscribing to our rss feed or following us on Twitter (or both). Good luck, Andy

We are not promising anything, but we notice that there is a bit of a clamour for people wanting Yahoo Analytics accounts, and only so many Yahoo web analytics consultants.

If you are looking for a setup, please comment here (we’ll see your email address, but it won’t be published). Please tell us what you are looking for:

1. A free account – If we can we’ll just give you a login and you can take it from there

2. A free account with billable setup support, getting it properly configured for your website, so you are getting decent reports and interesting dashboards.

3. A free account, but with billable consultancy, training and support, helping you to bring the figures to life and telling you each month what to do with this knowledge.

We’ll try to help as many people as possible. we only have a limited amount of accounts each month to distribute – but let’s see what we can do to help.

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  1. Please help me out with a free account!


  2. Access to a free account would be very much appreciated.

    Hope you can help!



  3. Free Account if possible would be great, it’s a tool I’ve been hoping to have a play with for a long time now, but not got round to it!

  4. You bet I want a free account! Been waiting on my Yahoo rep for weeks now…hook me up and I’ll blog you in appreciation.

  5. I used index tools a while back and thought it was pretty good, now i’ve been stuck without access to it for too long… any chance of a free account?
    Muchos Gracias!!!

    p.s. How awesome are you guys?!!!

  6. We are totally awesome. 🙂

  7. You guys are pretty awesome!

  8. I’d like to try one of those free accounts!

  9. Keep your requests coming, although we may need to take a while to get back to people. We’ll work our way down the lilst – but there may have to be a limit to what we can offer. People up to this comment post – we’ll get you sorted ASAP. We have a few accounts set up that never got used, so we may be able to assign these – but in the end we are constrained by Yahoo.

    We still want to hear from you all though, if you want to get in on the action.

  10. Hi Dixon – I’d love a free account if you can fit me in,



  11. Hi Dixon,

    I’ve just started a new job (another one!!), at a cashmere company. I’d love to get them set up with a free indextools if you can help, as going back to GA isn’t half as helpful as good old indextools.

    If there’s any chance you can help an old employee out, I’d really appreciate it 😉

    Hope all is well at Receptional!


  12. A free account would be much appreciated, will be good to contrast against other analytical software.



  13. We’re now working our way through the requests, but we’ve got so many we may not make everyone in this batch. Congratulations to everyone who made it, apologies if we run out of quota before we get to you.

    We’ll be running round two in the first week of August, so if you missed out, you’ll have another opportunity then.

    You’ll have the best chance of being first in the queue if you subscribe to our rss feed or follow us on Twitter (or both). Good luck!

  14. We’ll start a new thread so it can show up in RSS readers etc., but we’ll also put a pointer in this thread.

  15. The “contest” for new accounts will be placed here, or under new article? 🙂 I’am interested in one, because it seems like a superior option to GA in many ways.

  16. Is this the 2nd week?:) would b interested in free acc as I heard it’s superior 2 ga plus my friend is a developer at index tools


  17. Hi Ferrenc,

                    We haven’t relaunched our offer yet, but keep checking back on the site to be the first to find out when we do!



  18. Am desperately trying to get access to Yahoo! Web Analytics. We even have a managed account but our Yahoo! account manager is a nightmare to get hold of so would be great if it’s possible to gain access.


  19. Access to a free account please! thanks!!!

  20. Would it be possible I could get a free Yahoo Web Analytics account, I would really appreciate it. Thanks a mill!

  21. How do I do this?

  22. Hm, I wonder if there are still some leftovers from those YWA accounts. I would love to experiment with that on my blog.


  23. I would love one if possible
    “1. A free account – If we can we’ll just give you a login and you can take it from there”


  24. Hi, I’d love to get one account, if possible.
    Either a free account or an account with billable setup support.
    Best Regards

  25. Hi…

    I’am interested in YWA free account, because it seems like a superior option to GA in many ways… I would be very much appreciated if you can fit me in…

    Hope you can help!


  26. Would it be possible I could get a free Yahoo Web Analytics account.

  27. Hi, thanks to everyone for the great response we’ve had on this so far.

    We have already given away a number of YWA accounts in the last few months and plan on giving away another batch in the near future so please keep coming back to find out if you’re one of the lucky ones.



    Receptional LTD.

    • Hallo,

      I am really interested in free account for website. I like to see how WYA works and how it overpower Google Analytics.

      I am looking forward to hearing from you


  28. Woould love to give it a try when your next batch comes through.



  29. I’ve been searching for Yahoo Web Analytics information for some time now. This is the first time I’ve come across your site. You can be sure I’ll be coming back.

  30. If you can send me an invite… please? I’ll thank you so much-

  31. Would like a free account very much please!

  32. I would really like a Yahoo Web Analytics account. Can I use one account for multiple sites?

  33. Hello! I’m a cofounder of a bootstrapped startup and I’d like to request a free YWA account when you release your next batch. You’ll be sure to get much respect and referrals and possibly even some business from me. And the warm fuzzy feeling you’d get by helping out a bootstrapped startup!


  34. Please send me a free account. I bought the Yahoo! Web Analytics book and I am excited to use it.

    • I assume that is the one by Dennis Mortenson? Cool.

      I will ask someone in the team to get these requests up to date.

  35. Can I still apply for YWA? I’m insterested in 1. A free account

    Thanks, Lukas

  36. Pleaseeeee! 🙁

    I would love it…

    My yahoo mail:

  37. I am fed up of google analytics which is slow. I bought the yahoo analytics book and loved it. Can you pass me an account?

  38. Can i get a free yahoo web analytics account?

  39. Request for free web analytics account

    SEO Local Team

  40. Dear Reception team,

    I would be kind if an free yahoo analytics account is been created for my firm please.

    looking forward

  41. Hi,

    is this offer still standing? I would be very interested in an account as well.

    Thanks a lot

  42. Hi,
    Please, can I get a Yahoo analytics account?
    It would help me a lot.

  43. Yahoo have shut down the system. I now recommend PIWIK.ORG as a free alternative to Google Analytics.

  44. Hi,

    Is this offer still standing? I would be very interested in an account as well.

    Thanks a lot

  45. would LOVE one…want to move away from Google products to see what’s out there…but trying to get into Yahoo Analytics is like pulling teeth! Looks phenomenal…but again…only the screenshots!


  46. Hi,

    I would like a free yahoo web analytics account for my business.



  47. I’m too late for this giveaway 🙂

  48. Thanks for sharing such informative post.

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