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Link building is still the most effective way to boost your site’s organic search engine traffic. Before you embark on a link campaign, it is important to understand how other sites link to yours – no matter how many links there may be.
A thorough link audit can help you:

Identify Potentially Harmful Links

When spammy links point at your site they can harm your rankings. A link audit can reveal any potential problems like link networks, spammy directories, forum spam and links on irrelevant website.

Check out the Competition

You’ll gain insight into your competitors’ link profile and why they’re ranking. You’ll gain a sense of which sites are providing links – and what strategies you can pursue to gain links.

Measure Your Successes

A first step in planning a link campaign is to understand where your existing links have come from. Which sites link to you? Why? How could you get more links from similar sites? A link audit will help you answer these important questions.

Identify Risk

Search engines like to see a diverse range of backlinks, the more unique sources of links your site has the more traffic you are likely to attract. When your site is overly reliant on links from a single source, you place your site in a vulnerable position. If that source of links were to vanish or become devalued, your business would suffer. By evaluating your links you’ll have a better sense of the risks your business faces.

Uncover New Opportunities

You can use your competitor’s link profile to identify blog outreach and other link building opportunities. The audit will save time – and help you attract better quality links.

A thorough link audit can take from 2 to 6 days, but depends heavily on the number of links that point at your site. If you’d like a more accurate estimate of what’s involved for your site, please get in touch.

Why you should choose Receptional

Receptional’s link building team is one of the most technically astute in the industry. All of our consultants are Google-accredited and we have proven experience in using link data to formulate creative link campaigns.
Not all link building agencies are capable of getting amazing links, but that’s where we excel – we love it when your site succeeds.