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Targeting specific keywords to boost rankings is an outdated tactic. Yet sites with strong, natural backlink profiles are still rewarded with higher levels of traffic and will ultimately benefit from a higher volume of conversions. This is our approach:

Research the Market

As with any good marketing plan, the first step is to identify your target audience – the people you want to attract to your site. We’ll also want to know how your business operates online and what your competition are up to. Understand your audience, you’ll be able to discover which websites they visit, and identify the content they read or watch. You’ll then be able to establish the relationships you’ll need to build your brand.

Write a Marketing Plan

Link building works best when it’s integrated with your other marketing activities. We’ll create a plan that builds on your other marketing channels particularly press, content marketing and social media activity. Incorporating these activities into a link building campaign helps generate the natural links, press mentions and social buzz that Google loves.

Compelling Content

The depth of our research and our level of engagement with you means that we can work to create truly smart content; the kind of content that is designed for your customers to read, share, comment and act upon! Your content will also be search engine friendly, making sure that you are delivering what your audience is searching for.

Link Consultation and Press Monitoring

Link opportunities arise all the time and we’re always here to work out how to turn a real life relationship into a link in the virtual space. We also monitor the press for link opportunities and can keep in contact with journalists seeking comments, quotes, photos and stories.

Why you should choose Receptional

At Receptional, we pride ourselves as being among the most technical link builders in the industry, as well as some of the most creative, determined and ethical.
You need link builders that understand you, your business and your customers. We spend time to get to grips with the intricacies of your business and how you make money. We’ll put ourselves in your customers’ shoes so that we’re focussed on attracting relevant, targeted traffic to your site.

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