14 Million+ Download Firefox 4

Over fourteen million people have downloaded the latest version of Mozilla Firefox so far since its release on Tuesday.

Mozilla, which makes this second most-popular web browser has been keeping a real-time map showing where in the world their users have been installing the software.

Mozilla Firefox 4 Live Download Report

However, over the past twelve months, Firefox’s market share has slightly declined due to the rise in competition, specifically Google’s Chrome web browser.

Within the first 24 hours of being released, more than 5.5 more users had downloaded Firefox 4.  This falls somewhat short of the 8 million users who downloaded version 3 on its release day back in 2008.

Firefox 4 has been made available for download less than a month after Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 9.

Firefox, like its rival, now makes extensive use of HTML 5, the latest standard for the internet language used to build websites.

Internet Explorer remains the dominant web browsing platform, with a 56% market share in February 2011.  Mozilla Firefox has a share of 21%, and Google Chrome 10%, according to Netmarketshare.

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