Get back the Google interface you knew and loved

For those frustrated with recent Google user interface changes, here’s a quick tip to “revert” to an interface closer to Google’s previous one, with less whitespace and easier access to cached links and other advanced features.

Here are a few things that I’ve disliked about Google’s newer UI and other frontend changes

  • Two clicks to get to the cache
  • Two clicks for search filters
  • Two clicks for the advanced search button
  • Google Instant
  • Search suggestions
  • Search previews
  • Random bugs with Ajax which mean slowness at best and no results at worst

Here’s a quick fix for anyone with the same or similar problems.


Google with Javascript enabled. Boo!


Google with javascript disabled. Yay!

We now have easy cache links, instant access to filtering options, no AJAX interface bugs, easy “advanced search” button, consistent load speeds and more!

How do you do it?

Simple! Load up your browser weapon of choice and block Google’s javascript. You can use noscript, firebug, adblock, greasemonkey and many more. All you need to do then is hardcode the “verbatim” option and the Google you knew and loved is (almost) back again. Need help? Just ask in the comments.

Incidentally, this has only been possible recently. With many of Google’s recent changes there was no graceful degradation whatsoever. Things just broke with javascript disabled. So, all credit to whoever at Google pushed the accessibility agenda!

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