Google Celebrates its 12th Birthday!

Today Google celebrates their 12th anniversary and have informed the world in their usual style – a rather fitting birthday cake logo on their homepage.

The subtle announcement made today by the goliath of search certainly clears up what has been much confusion over the past 12 years relating to the true anniversary of the website. Of note is that in previous years Google have been known to celebrate their birthday on the 7th September.

Over the past 12 years, both the face, functionality and size of Google has changed so to celebrate their birthday this year, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane:

Google 1997-1998

Google 1999

Google 2000

Google 2001

Google 2002

Google 2003

Google 2004

Google 2005

Google 2006

Google 2007

Google 2008

Google 2009

Google 2010


Happy Birthday Google!

In recent years the visual aspect of Google has taken a large backstep from the early years whilst we have seen the introduction of an increasing array of functions, most notably the introduction of personalised search and more recently the launch of Google Instant.

From everyone at Receptional, happy birthday Google!

Michał Domarus

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  1. It’s amazing to see how little Google’s layout has changed since 2000 – certainly evidence that they hit onto a winner with their early designs. If there was an equivalent series from Yahoo! or another search engine we would see much, much more variation in styling and layout.

    Something else I notice is how it took them until 2009 to give the search/I’m feeling lucky buttons some padding away from the search box, which would seem like a very basic usability feature.

    Did Usenet (group) search really persist until 2006, or did this include forums etc by this time? An active and useful Usenet is something I miss, it used to be a very useful source of ‘pure’ info and topical discussion back in the day, and a diaspora of much slower to navigate blogs and forums which may or may not be indexed in search engines haven’t replaced it effectively.

    We certainly don’t see the equivalent of ‘usenet celebrities’ and widely infamous flame wars anymore – though maybe those are things that could only exist in the early, geeky days of the Internet

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