How has search changed in 1 year and 15% discount code for Pubcon 2010

In a couple of months I will again be speaking, moderating and (for the first time) sponsoring Pubcon in Las Vegas. Last year I was interviewed by Vanessa Zamora and gave away some useful advice (at the time) on Link strategies, URL shorteners and the Future of Search. The result was a well produced video which is still worth viewing:

So how did I fare, a year later? Well, whilst I was right about the URL shorteners in principal, the Twitters of this world are conspiring to own the URL shortener market, by making moves to give you a real disincentive to use your own shortener.

But the big change of the year is Google instant and by November, there should JUST ABOUT be enough data to make some research based predictions about what the effect will be on Google, search and Internet Marketing as a whole. At this time, only around 1% of searches are being powered by Google Instant results – so all predictions of glory or disaster are pure conjecture at this time. I think that pubcon is perfectly tiomed, giving the speakers time to understand the implications and share their views. It should be a really good conference. If you would like to attend, I know it is a long way away – but this coupon code will at least give you 15% off:

Pubcon Discount Code:  ex-2373515.

Use it at the checkout if you register here.

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