Link Building Basics

The popularity of link building is ever-increasing, with marketers now finding it to be an important part of any online marketing campaign. Search engines currently place a big emphasis on the importance of links coming to your site as a factor in determining your ranking, therefore making it important to build the right kind of links.

A basic list to put you on course is to focus on:
– Related content
– Indexed pages (preferable for more than a few months)
– Clean links

Related content – Incase you didn’t already know, if you have a website selling pencils, say, having links from online pharmacies and gambling websites aren’t going to help improve your ranking. In fact, search engines may believe your website to be spam and subsequently penalize you for this. The other benefit of having more relevant links is of course that targeted visitors are more likely to come from these links through to your site. The same goes for outbound links; try to avoid linking out to unrelated content, otherwise this will start to confuse the search engines with respect what your website is targeting.

Indexed Pages – Search engines aren’t going to think your link is of any importance if it is coming from a page that hasn’t even been indexed! Reasons for pages not being indexed includes: being banned, not having been spidered yet or being on the website’s robot.txt file.

Clean links – If you’re building links for improving your page rank, there’s no point in getting links that are ‘no follow’. Links on a page from a robots.txt file are also of no benefit as search engines do not pick this up.

And remember – if you can find links that include all 3 of these features, the better of your content will be! Hopefully, this advice will help start you off on your link building quest. For more advanced advice and services, contact us using our contact form or phone 01525 715520. We look forward to providing you with link building services for your online marketing campaign.

Michał Domarus

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  1. If you had to prioritise these, which do you think is the most important?

  2. Interesting question, Chris.

    If the page isn’t indexed then it’s of no value in the link building world, but has potential value (if the page gets indexed, and then page rank).

    If the page is indexed but no followed, then it’s not giving any link value either. Of course there are times these links can be good, and that’s if they’re passing good visitors. But in terms of link building, a nofollowed link is of no value.

    If you’re getting links for unrelated content, these can still pass some link juice. For example, if your website about pencils gets a link from a top sports site, this will help your rankings. But a poor ranked sports site isn’t going to help your pencil site and will only confuse the search engine what your website is about.

    To summarise, you’re receiving no link benefit from pages that aren’t indexed or not passing link juice and you are potentially confusing search engines about the content of your site if you’re getting links from unrelated content!


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