Receptional to offer Lifetime Visitor Metrics in 2008

IndexTools – Receptional’s web analytics partner – will leap forward in the beginning of 2008 by introducing the IndexTools Marketing Optimization Framework, which provides a holistic approach for our clients and partners to advance far beyond traditional Web Analytics. The core of this framework is the launch of IndexTools Web Analytics 10, which, among other exciting points, will extend current Data Warehouse proficiencies with external data source integration, and add valuable lifetime visitor level metrics. At the very top of the IndexTools Marketing Optimization Framework is an entirely new product, IndexTools Rubix 1, which will provide you with the opportunity to do extremely in-depth data modeling and visualization. Prepare to be impressed! :-) Much more about this in the New Year.

Receptional knows that data on its own is never enough – especially for larger companies. Traffic analysis is invariably required to turn data into useful information and predictions. By being able to model user behaviour over lifetime periods, Receptional will be able to help companies better understand what it is that their customers are looking for and we will also be able to better understand how much you can really pay towards generating new business. Until now, most clients based their ROI on an equation that only accounts for the first sale that a client generates. Whilst this is far more useful than ROI based on cost per click measurements only, understanding customer patterns over time will help to improve a site’s profitability by providing more insightful key performance indicators.

If you are interested in engaging in this from the start, we will need to start collecting data as soon as possible. If we do not already have live tracking on your site, please contact Receptional.

Michał Domarus

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