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Receptional’s Paid Search Services

Free PPC Audit

Gauge the strengths and weaknesses of your Pay Per Click (PPC) account with our free PPC Healthcheck. We’ll also tell you how you can improve performance and overall activity.

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Adwords PPC

Google is the most used search engine. Pin-point relevant searchers within this large market using AdWords paid adverts to generate more qualified leads to your site.

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Bing PPC

Bing is the second most used search engine. Target a greater audience using Bing’s own Paid Advertising platform and start driving greater traffic to your web pages.

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Display Advertising

Increase the exposure of your business with display advertising. We’ll craft the relevant ad copy, select the right imagery and place your rich media ad in the right places online.

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Re-engage users who have already visited your site with a display advert. Easily create remarketing campaigns through AdWords so they’ll be retargeted across Google Display Network Properties.

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Paid Search Team

Matthew Loughlin

Head of Paid Search
the team

"Matthew has been with Receptional since early 2008 and has worked on hundreds of paid search campaigns. He has experience of large-scale clients (spends in excess of £50k/month) in markets such as travel, retail, finance and gaming. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing."

"Hayley has been with Receptional since October 2010 and has experience in managing medium and large scale PPC campaigns (spends in excess of £50K/month), for clients in retail, healthcare and the legal sectors, among others. In her spare time Hayley enjoys watching Arsenal (no, it doesn’t make sense to us either)."

the team

Hayley Coutinho

Senior Paid Search Consultant


  • There’s a natural synergy between our two companies. We’ve both been around a long time in internet terms and we both have detailed first-hand experience of the swift and relentless advance of search technology. In fact Receptional’s longevity operating in the field of natural search was a significant factor in our decision to award them the contract. We’ll be using their search engineers’ expertise as a sounding board for new ideas as well as relying on their experience to reduce our administration costs and maximise our pay per click budget.
    -   Felix Wetzel, Marketing Director | Jobsite: UK Jobs   -