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Like AdWords ads, Bing Ads allow you to promote your website in sponsored listings to people who are actively searching for your products or services on Bing or Yahoo! Search, based on keyword matching. If you are looking to extend your reach beyond Google, this is the place to start!
There are a few reasons why taking advantage of Bings Ads is extremely useful:

Less Competition

The sheer number of advertisers vying for ad space in Google AdWords makes it a very competitive platform. Bing has far fewer advertisers, yet 1 in 10 searches are completed on Bing and Yahoo. Get ahead of your competitors by targeting and capturing this 10% today!

Lower Costs

Competition on AdWords has pushed up costs per click (CPCs) over the years. Bing has fewer advertisers so CPCs are often lower, and in many cases this generates more profitable traffic, albeit in lower volumes. Capitalise on Bing’s low cost traffic, to deliver profitable results for your business.

Why you should choose Receptional

Whether you are looking to set up new campaigns, or have existing campaigns you would like us to manage, we can help you achieve the very best results.
As an agency, we help our clients to achieve results on Bing every day and have been doing so for many years. As with AdWords, the mix of activity needs to be just right. All of our PPC campaign managers are Bing Ads Accredited Professionals, and work closely with dedicated account representatives at Bing to ensure that our clients get the best ROI from their activity.
To discuss what you’d like to achieve through Bing PPC, get in touch below: