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International SEO is the practice of creating website content that is tailored to multiple geographic regions or languages. The aim is to show the right content in the right region in the most appropriate language. When done properly this ensures that users in a particular region find the content that is aimed at them.


Before you start a crash course learning a foreign language, we’ll want to discuss your objectives. What countries and languages does it make sense to target? What resources do you have available? Once we have that information, we’ll be able to start creating a targeted plan.

URL Structure

Google likes logical, well-structured sites, so it’s important that your site follows a rigorous structure. Google’s Webmaster blog states, “Consider using a URL structure that makes it easy to segment parts of the website for geotargeting”. We will suggest a URL structure that tells Google what content to expect.

Hosting Options

A more elusive factor in local and international search is your hosting options. Google likes to serve local content, in its attempts to give users the most relevant and helpful results. Therefor it will give preference to websites that are hosted locally. We’ll be able to recommend the hosting options most suitable for your needs.

Alternatives to Google

Of course, in many countries Google isn’t the largest search engine. So, you may decide you want to focus on appeasing a different search engine altogether, rather than spending time and money trying to capture traffic that just isn’t there.

Why you should choose Receptional

Our multi-lingual team have experience of working across the world. We’ve built dozens of successful SEO strategies for clients with offices in the UK and overseas. We aim to put ourselves in your customers’ shoes, whilst always keeping your business goals in mind.
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