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You’ll receive a bespoke report with detailed analysis of your site’s performance and best practice recommendations. Your SEO audit will highlight:

Search Engine Performance

The review of your site’s performance on the major search engines will include a list of the keywords that are responsible for bringing the most traffic to your site, complete analysis of the journey of that traffic, and user behaviours on your web pages. A search engine performance analysis gives you a good indication of your site’s overall health.

Technical Issues

It will cover any technical issues that are restricting the search engines’ ability to index your site. In many cases, these technical issues are not only hurting your SEO efforts, but also have knock-on effects on usability and efficiency. Whether your site is suffering from broken internal links, ineffective redirects or there is an overall architectural problem, your SEO audit will identify any issues which require attention.

Effectiveness of Your Content

Google and other major search engines are heavily focused on providing the best user experience, and always favour websites that offer the most relevant information. The range of content on your site will be analysed and any potential issues that may be harming your website’s search performance will be highlighted. You’ll also uncover any opportunities to improve how you use the content across your site.

Usability issues

Usability issues prevent visitors from finding the content they want quickly and easily, if this happens they will likely go elsewhere. Your SEO Audit will highlight current usability issues on your site, based on rigorous user testing, and explore opportunities that may exist to improve user engagement and increase conversions.

Why you should choose Receptional

We recognise that every website and every business is different. Each has its own issues to be resolved and goals to be achieved. That’s why a Receptional SEO audit is hand-crafted.
Our SEO team combine technical data with digital marketing insight. And that’s the Receptional difference – we use tools and software to gather data, but never rely on machines to produce the insight and analysis that you need to improve your site’s performance.

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