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Effective Social Media Strategy

Social media is increasingly important to your online marketing. Nowadays, attracting search engine traffic depends on a strong social media presence. As does great customer service. And if you want to create loyal customers, you’re going to need to be active on social media, too.
It may sound simple. Yet, in practice, a sound social media strategy requires time, resources and expertise – that’s where we can help.

Building Your Strategy

At Receptional, we can help create a social strategy that generates a return for your business. We’ll identify who you want to reach and help you build a ‘social bridge’ between you and your target audience.
Your social media strategy will help you:

Understand Your ‘Buyer Personas’

Understanding your potential customers is often the best first step towards social success. But, it’s not always obvious how to get start or what questions to ask. We can help you create buyer personas that will provide a good guide to where (and how) you should be socially active.

Focus your Efforts

Not every social network is the same. Each one speaks to a different group of people in a unique way. We’ll help you segment the audiences, objectives and metrics for each of your social channels.

Establish Your Expertise and Authority

Becoming an influencer in your social networks doesn’t happen overnight. It’s tough. But, we can help speed up the process by providing you with tools, insights and content that will boost your profile.

Build Relationships with New Clients

Online, it’s easy for potential customers to check your credentials, to look for “social proof” that you deliver on your promises. By creating an online community, you’re providing positive proof about the benefits your business delivers.

Generate More Enquiries and Sales

Fun, innovative and informative campaigns are the key to successful social media. We love generating ideas and creating campaigns that never lose sight of your goals.

Measure your Successes

If you’re still counting the number of fans and followers as proof of your success, it’s time to update your metrics. Sure, measuring the financial impact of social media isn’t always easy. But, it is important. We’ll help you provide your CEO with figures they’ll understand – and like.

Why You Should Choose Receptional

All of our consultants are active on social media – both personally and professionally. So, you can be sure that, whatever social platform you choose, we’ll be able to deliver the results you want.
If you’d like to know more about how Receptional can help you create an engaging social strategy, simply get in touch: