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Digital marketing: what’s working?

It’s been over a year since I took over as managing director at Receptional. In that time, we’ve made several changes to the way we work and how we promote our clients’ websites. I thought you might be interested to learn which tactics have had the most success during that time – along with suggestions...

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7 Twitter Tips Guaranteed to Grow your Following and Influence

Building a voice and persona on Twitter is one of the best ways to engage with industry influencers, meet new customers, get traffic back to your website and bridge the gap between your brand and the people who work within it. But remember – being active on Twitter isn’t a follower growth contest!  Becoming popular...

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Exploring the new Google ‘My Business’

Google today has launched a brand new function known as Google ‘My Business’. While a bit of a shock for some logging in, we absolutely love the new functions and business centre and to save you some time, we have explored it for you. You access My Business by logging into Google via your business...

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Google+ Vanity URL: How to Grab Yours in 7 easy Steps

You can’t have missed the buzz about Google+ URLs finally becoming customizable. Here’s some overly excited Tweets about the update – you might spot an anxious Tweet from me: Don’t worry folks, I got my URL about 3 seconds after my Tweet – turns out my phone had no signal. Doh! This is an exciting...

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