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7 Important Social Media Analytics Tools for Online Retailers

Retailers: if you’re not using social media as a marketing avenue, you’re missing out. In recent years, social media has become both a source of retail inspiration and a catalyst for driving sales and website traffic. Many ecommerce sites are reporting “higher conversion rates” from customers referred by social networks. Whilst chasing sales shouldn’t be...

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Exploring the new Google ‘My Business’

Google today has launched a brand new function known as Google ‘My Business’. While a bit of a shock for some logging in, we absolutely love the new functions and business centre and to save you some time, we have explored it for you. You access My Business by logging into Google via your business...

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Receptional’s Digital Marketing Tips For 2014

Hello and and a big Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a great start to 2014. Here at Receptional HQ, we want to make sure your digital performance is at its very best for 2014. In this 4-minute video, we’ve put together our top tips for social media, content marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC...

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Free Download: Marketing analytics for law firms

For many years law firms have been notoriously bad at marketing themselves. All too often, solicitors have relied on word of mouth to generate new business. Yet, in recent years, the legal sector has been deregulated and is becoming increasingly commercial. Nowadays, legal marketers want to know – need to know – how effective their...

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What are Digital Analytics?

Big data has been one of the hottest buzz words in the digital marketing space for the past few years. The evolution of cloud computing – infinite computing power connected through real-time communication networks – has made data collection more affordable. The explosion of connected devices – smart phones, tablets and other digitally connected devices...

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Android Kitkat 4.4 Brings Challenges to Local SEO and Call Tracking

The hottest news in town from the past 24 hours must be the launch of the latest Google device: the Nexus 5. And the much anticipated Android Katkit 4.4. As excited as any Nexus fans out there, I ordered one as soon as it became available in the  Google Play store. Reading through the feature...

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How Receptional Used Call Tracking To Reduce One Client’s Cost Per Call By 72%

At Receptional we regularly come across new clients who are not using call tracking.  Usually this is because they are unaware of its existence or fail to see how its implementation could help their business. This case study outlines the benefits of call tracking to help you decide whether it’s right for your business. We...

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What should you measure in Google Analytics?

What should you measure? Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, Avinash Kaushik, recommends that businesses focus on four measures that will help improve their online marketing efforts: Cost per acquisition Bounce rate Abandonment rates Conversion rates We’ll focus on each of those in turn. Cost per acquisition It’s a fact of life that your marketing budget is smaller...

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Why you’re not accurately tracking conversions

Attribution within analytics has been a contentious topic for some time now but many advertisers seem to have made little progress. Why? Because they are either not looking at the data available to them or because they don’t know how best to attribute credit to different online sources. There is often no real right or...

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Six Common Discrepancies between AdWords Clicks & Analytics Visits

This is a topic of much frustration for many people. I wrote a post on this some years ago, which Google actually used for some time in their official help pages, but it is still something that we get asked regularly, so I thought it would be worth revisiting. The most common reasons for discrepancies...

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