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Six Common Discrepancies between AdWords Clicks & Analytics Visits

This is a topic of much frustration for many people. I wrote a post on this some years ago, which Google actually used for some time in their official help pages, but it is still something that we get asked regularly, so I thought it would be worth revisiting. The most common reasons for discrepancies...

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Letting KPIs Dictate Your Objectives

You would be surprised how often off page teams operate without defining a clear objective, or even worse, work to the wrong objectives. If you’re able to sell the benefits of off page SEO, then you should already have an idea of some objectives you’d like to achieve by partaking in the activity in the...

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Google Analytics Engagement Metrics in AdWords

Last week I stumbled on some additional metrics to analyse when reviewing the performance of your Google AdWords campaigns. Quality metrics such as Bounce Rate, Pages Per Visit, and Average Visit Duration are now available within the AdWords interface, which makes it even easier to spot the campaigns, ad groups and keywords that are driving...

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