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The Link Building Checklist

Link building might have become more challenging since Google’s crack down on link spam and manipulative tactics in April last year. But really, not a lot has changed for the seasoned link builder and it is worth stressing the fact that the best links come from the best sites. This has always been the case....

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Download the Receptional Guide to Link Management

Links are the glue that binds the internet together – sometimes the glue holding your website in place isn’t the best it could be, and you inevitably fall from grace.Receptional have extensive experience in link penalty resolution and were the first company publically recognised to negate the effects of the “Penguin” and link spam penalties...

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Over Powering the Penguin

On April 17th, 2012, a leading UK brand and new client of Receptional’s was hit with a link based penalty. Rankings for target keywords and their brand name dropped as many as 50 places in Google SERPs, which caused alarm bells to ring. Google Maps / Places were not affected in the same way, but...

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Receptional Achieve Re-Inclusion for Major Retail Client using Google Disavow Tool

Receptional have done the seemingly impossible After the Google Penguin penalties hit thousands of websites due to their backlink profiles, we started working with a leading retailer who got hit with the penalty and were struggling with the implications of their reduced rankings.  Our first mission: To Get them Re-Included. Receptional jumped straight into the...

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Is Google Disavow Links Tool the only solution to low Ranking website?

I hear webmasters around the world jumping up and down with joy, thanking Google for listening to them and finally announcing its new Disavow Links Tool yesterday (16th Oct 2012). Webmasters are hoping that this shiny new tool from Google will help them recover their low ranking or banned websites from any penguin penalty, as...

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The Art of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most-common and successful link building strategies being used right now after the Google Panda and Penguin updates.  This guide will help teach you how to find guest blogging opportunities and how to make the most of them. What Do You Want to Get Out of Guest Blogging? Knowing what...

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How to Avoid Link Building Penalties

  (image credit: t r e v y) The number of cases of websites being penalised for their link building is on the rise.  There are pages of users posting questions on the Google Support Forum asking where their site may have been penalised or how they have to fix this.  There are several users...

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What has Captain Planet taught us about Digital Marketing?

[Image Source] 20 years ago, almost every kids TV show was designed for one purpose; to sell toys. Each episode, Transformers shifted their focus onto whichever character’s toys weren’t selling that week, driving that individual toy’s sales. The same was true for He Man, Action Force (GI JOE in the US), My Little Pony, Inhumanoids,...

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Are You Still Using Outdated Link Building Methods?

The world of link building, just like digital marketing, is forever changing.  The methods that use to work for link building have quickly become outdated.  To help make sure you’re not still in 2011 when it comes to link building, here are 6 old strategies to ditch and what to replace them with: Old: Repetitive...

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Google Penguin… Croaked?

A couple weeks on now since the Google Penguin update and we are still noticing some odd results in the SERPs. Yesterday Nick Andrews discovered that link spam is still working in Google, in this example for the keyword “Payday Loans”. Two websites with no mention of “Payday Loans” on their website are ranking on...

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