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Category: "Link Building"



Are You Still Using Outdated Link Building Methods?

The world of link building, just like digital marketing, is forever changing.  The methods that use to work for link building have quickly become outdated.  To help make sure you’re not still in 2011 when it comes to link building, here are 6 old strategies to ditch and what to replace them with: Old: Repetitive...

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Google Penguin… Croaked?

A couple weeks on now since the Google Penguin update and we are still noticing some odd results in the SERPs. Yesterday Nick Andrews discovered that link spam is still working in Google, in this example for the keyword “Payday Loans”. Two websites with no mention of “Payday Loans” on their website are ranking on...

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Use Google Verbatim to Assess Anchor Text Impact

This is one for the SEO techies and link builders. Short of time? The Google Verbatim option appears to strip the relevance usually provided by (some?) link anchor text. You may find this useful in analysing rankings. I came across an interesting quirk of Google’s new "verbatim" search option today. In addition to removing various...

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Building Links on Social Networks

Social Networks have been on the rise over the past couple of years, with the latest successes being Facebook and Twitter. Originally popular with the younger generation, used for messaging, photo sharing and finding friends, the social network has seen a lot of changes recently, now popular amongst the older generation and businesses. Businesses on...

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