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Got Pay Per Click Sitelinks? You might be missing a trick

Sitelinks have been around for years and are avidly used by PPC advertisers to enhance their ads. If you don’t know what sitelinks are, here’s a picture that represents where they sit within a paid ad: As you can see, they are the little blue, hyperlinked pieces of text that link through to specific pages...

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5 Tips for the Best Father’s Day PPC Campaign

With Father’s Day fast approaching us on June 15th it’s the perfect time to ensure your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising account is finely tuned and ready to make the most of the occasion.  Regardless of whether your website is e-commerce based or not, as long as your products or services are potentially appealing as...

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4 Reasons to Experiment with Facebook Advertising

Options for utilising biddable, paid advertising in your marketing campaigns are continuously growing and becoming more effective.  From the traditional and highly targeted PPC (Pay Per Click) from Google Adwords, to new kids on the block like In-App advertising. But one platform which you will have heard of (if not seen) is social media advertising....

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8 Effective Ways to Use Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

You have probably noticed the ads that ‘stalk’ you around the web, encouraging you to book that holiday, or buy those shoes that you looked at last week. But what exactly are these ads, and how can your business use them to encourage people back to your site. What is remarketing / retargeting? This “stalking”...

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4 Tips to Boost Your Pay Per Click Activity This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and if you haven’t already prepared your Pay Per Click (PPC) account, now’s the perfect time. Whether you run an online florist, an e-commerce gift shop or even a service based website, if your products have the potential to be Mother Day gifts, it is essential that you prepare your...

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AdWords Review Extensions Helped CTR Soar By 66%!

The Adwords ‘Review Extension’ is one of Google’s latest ad extensions to roll off the production line. Having been available in Beta since June 2013, it is now openly available to all advertisers under the ‘Ad Extensions’ tab in your Adwords interface. Despite its now universal availability, it’s an extension that, apart from my own...

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How Receptional Used Call Tracking to Reduce a Client’s CPC by 72%

Could call tracking help you?       At Receptional we regularly come across new clients who are not using call tracking.  Usually this is because they are unaware of its existence or fail to see how its implementation could help their business. This case study outlines the benefits of call tracking to help you...

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10 Tips to Kick-Start Your PPC in 2014

Looking for some hints and tips to give your PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns a jump start in the New Year? Well, look no further! Having reviewed many PPC accounts in the last three months, it is all too clear that many accounts haven’t really changed that much or evolved in the past year or so. Whilst...

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5 Monthly Money-Saving Workouts to give your Pay Per Click Account

‘The key is not the will to win… everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important’. This and many other nauseating clichés are emblazoned around my local gym. However keeping yourself in shape is important, as is keeping your PPC activity in good order. That gym card in your...

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Christmas Pay Per Click Checklist: 5 Quick Wins!

With December approaching many of you may be starting your Christmas shopping, or if you’re super organised, maybe you’ve already wrapped your last gift! It’s quite easy to put Christmas off until the last minute and then make a quick dash to the shops for last minute buys. However, when it comes to your PPC...

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