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Why you should incorporate broader brand marketing into PPC campaigns

Landing at university my peers and I were doe-eyed and salivating at the prospect of working in the marketing industry. Surely (we thought) it’s all about coming up with amazing ideas, being flown from client to client by helicopter with lavish lunches courtesy company expenses to seal the deal, isn’t it……….isn’t it?! Recent successful big...

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Adwords Enhanced Campaigns: The Pros and Cons

Google introduced ‘enhanced campaigns’ in February this year in what has been the biggest change to Adwords in recent history. Adwords Account managers like myself have until the end of June to upgrade their client’s account to this new system before all campaigns will be automatically upgraded in July. Opinions over this upgrade are divided....

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Enhanced Campaigns – One step forward and two steps back?

Enhanced campaigns are now upon us, with advertisers having the opportunity to opt-in to the new format, before a forced roll-out occurs in June 2013. The announcement has been met with mixed feelings, depending largely on the advertiser, the sector that they operate in, and how their user base is accessing and engaging with their...

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Finding The Right Google AdWords Partner

I spent a large part of last week looking at the competitive marketplace with regards to potential PPC suppliers, and it really does surprise me how many companies and individuals claim to be PPC Gurus, so I thought I would share some of my thoughts with those looking to source a PPC agency. There is...

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How to Pass Your Google AdWords Fundamental and Advanced Search Exams

After successfully completing the AdWords Fundamental and the Advanced Search exam, I thought I would share my experiences. Passing your AdWords exams is all part of making you a certified AdWords professional, and the knowledge gained is fundamental to maintain successful Paid Search campaigns. The qualifications will earn you a level of trust with your...

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PPC Account Re-Structure

"Having used Google Adwords profitably for a number of years, our account had grown considerably and managing our campaigns was becoming increasingly difficult. We approached Receptional to review the structure of our account with a view to improving the management of our adspend and increasing our ROI. Within no time, Receptional had a produced a...

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