10 Cost-effective Marketing Tactics for Every Content Campaign

10 Cost-effective Marketing Tactics for Every Content Campaign

April 2, 2020

10 Cost-effective Marketing Tactics for Every Content Campaign

History suggests some firms will emerge from this downturn stronger. Yes, they’ll cut costs – but, they’ll also plan for the recovery. And, when they spot opportunities, they’ll calmly invest for the future.

As content marketers, it’s important we understand how:

  1. The world has changed;
  2. Your marketing will need to adapt; and
  3. To prepare your business, so you’re ready to bounce back

Receptional’s analytics team have been poring over search data to see how consumer behaviour has been changing. And we’ve sifted out 10 nuggets of practical advice.

In this webinar recording, you’ll hear from three speakers from Receptional. They are:

  • Justin Deaville, Managing Director
  • Lee Gannon, Paid Search & Social Consultant
  • Dave Clough, Head of Content Strategy

Covering the following points:

  1. Invest in your data
  2. Refocus your ad spend
  3. Invest in SEO
  4. Optimise your content
  5. ‘Steal’ from your competitors
  6. Run YouTube tests
  7. Look beyond Search to Display
  8. Invest in re-marketing
  9. Test lookalike audiences
  10. Invest in conversions

The webinar lasts for about 30 minutes.

Watching on your mobile? click the link below to be taken to the video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhpgkT4tH10

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Justin Deaville

Managing Director

With 20+ years’ marketing experience, Justin has worked with many of the UK’s leading businesses including AVIVA, MENCAP, Ladbrokes, Freshfields, PWC, and the Foreign Office. Outside work, he loves spending time with his daughter, going to the theatre, sandy beaches, decent wine, and Manchester United.

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