105 Tips and Insights From HeroConf 2015


105 Tips and Insights From HeroConf 2015

The Receptional team headed down to London for the latest HeroConf, a conference devoted solely to PPC.

Paid Search Consultant, Chris Whyatt, attended the two day conference and picked up over 100 tips and insights from the talks attended.


The Future Of PPC

by Brad Geddes Founder – Certified Knowledge

1. As an agency decide what do you want to be in 5 years time

2. Do the agencies of the future need to be a multi touch point provider?

3. PPC is the natural place to test multi-channel touch point intergration

4. Adwords isn’t one channel, it’s six: Search / Display / Behavioral /Video / Shopping and Apps on both Desktop and Mobile

5. Mobile Ad extensions are extremely important due to the massive real estate given to mobile Ads

6. Responsive design isn’t always the right mobile strategy

7. CTR is 1.9x higher, when you show a mobile ad vs a desktop ad on mobile

8. No one should be manually bidding anymore. Automation!


Essential Google Adwords Innovations in Q4 2015

by Alan Coleman & Brendan Almack CEO and Client Direct – Wolfgang Digital

9. Remarketing within GA, allows you to leverage over 200 dimensions

10. Social media is for customer advocacy

11. Transform “The Elegant Conversationalist into The Elegant Digital Marketer”

12. Target high volume keywords for previous customers

13. Mobile performance should dictate account performance

14. When optimising, start with mobile

15. Marketers need to understand mobile impact on conversation rates

16. Is this bye bye to mobile SEO?

17. Utilise user ID’s in Google Analytics to track users across devices

18. Remember that unattributed traffic “Dark Traffic” is listed as direct traffic in Google Analytics

19. Use both YouTube and Facebook for video advertising

20. Facebook video advertising is cheaper and engagement is better


Perfecting Your PPC Ad Testing

by Brad Geddes Founder – Certified Knowledge

21. Single Ad group A/B testing is good for brand keyword or high volume keywords

22. Ask the big questions (what do you want to know) before testing

23. Ads don’t drive conversions, they direct people to websites which convert users

24. Use consistent data when preforming tests

25. Are you addressing consumer needs with Ad testing?

26. Think about the users needs before Ad testing

27. Is the data consistant across device?

28. Calls To Action work better on different devices

29. You can expect a 97% uplift in CTR if an Ad group displays mobile preferred Ads, compared to only desktop

30. If one person makes a difference to the data, you don’t have enough data!

31. If you are not at least 90% confident in the results, leave the test running

32. Never stop testing


Ad Copy Is Dead, Long Live Ad Copy

by Alex Rigler Head of Customer Insight – Adthena

33. Use headlines to grab the user’s attention

34. Think about what makes your ad different

35. Understand the competition to see what drives preformance, then be different

36. Use display URLs for keyword insertion

37. Test, test and more of ad copy to see what works


Sucking The Commercial Air Out Of SERP

by Michael Stricker Marketing Director – SEMrush

38. Top advertisers are migrating to shopping campaigns

39. Shopping ads are out preforming standard text ads with the addition of product photos, price and ad extensions

40. Plan campaign breakdowns to make shopping campaigns manageable

41. Perform competition analysis, what works well, what the prices are, what keywords are they using

42. Eliminate waste by using negative keywords

43. If you are an e-tailer and not using shopping campaigns, why not?


From Searches To Searches

by Tor Crockatt EMEA Regional Director – Microsoft

44. Currency in search are the questions and answers

45. People are looking for what is relevant to them

46. Keywords are now only one signal among many to focus on

47. As marketers it is our job to understand users and react to their needs


The Top 10 Social Media Advertising Hacks of All Time

by Larry Kim CTO and Founder – Wordstream

48. Facebook ads don’t require a large budget

49. You can do paid social ads with only $50!

50. App searches have overtaken desktop searches

51. Most Search Ads = Direct Conversions

52. Social Paid Ads = Indirect Conversions

53. Selectively promote the best social media content to increase exposure

54. Paid social media will save the day

55. Quality Score rewards awesomeness

56. Get 10x greater leverage in social ads than search

57. Tweet as often as possible, but only look to promote your best stuff

58. Precise ad targetting can increase engagement rate

59. Push hard offers with remarketing

60. Call buttons in social ads are a game changer

61. The more you do social media ads the better it gets

62. Indirect conversions can create demand for your products

63. Be the unicorn in a sea of donkeys!


Favourite PPC Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

by Laura Collins PPC Team Leader – Periscopix

64. Broad match is the biggest cause of PPC mistakes, eg: over spend!

65. Add negatives to direct traffic to the right Ad group

66. Check search query reports at least once a month

67. Make sure all ads are spell checked

68. Be careful of using DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion) with spelling mistakes

69. Use daily reporting to look out for anomalies

70. Re-check bid adjustments every quarter

71. Use budget tracker scripts to help keep track of client budgets

72. Everyone is human, so triple check all settings!


PPC Game Changes: Tools And Automations

by Anu Adegbola Senior PPC Account Manager – Premier Farnell

73. The landscape of PPC SERP has changed a lot and continues to change

74. Bid management dynamic campaigns are only as good as the information provided

75. Adwords scripts are great for helping manage large accounts

76. Adwords API = Adwords Scripts 2.0

77. Adwords API allows you to run greater scripts and provides better flexibility

78. Automation is the future, however a human touch is still neccessary


Quality Score Insights From An Ex-Googler

by Frederick Vallaeys CEO – Optmyzr Inc

79. Shopping Campaigns have Quality Scores

80. Shopping Ad Quality Scores can be reset by changing the item ID’s

81. If organic results are more relevant that Ads, then no Ads will be displayed

82. Ad rank takes into account Quality Score, Extensions and Max CPC Bids

83. Keyword Quality Score is updated at least once every 24 hours

84. Moving Quality Scores above rank 5 have a greater increase on CPCs

85. Quality Score is aggregated from Desktop and Mobile Quality Scores

86. Quality Score is mostly a factor of CTR

87. Google care about exact match keywords, which impact Quality Scores

88. Google is a CPM publisher not a CPC publisher!

89. Landing pages are a small part of overall Quality Scores

90. Pause or remove poor Quality Score keywords to stop them affecting account Quality Score


How And Why You Should Integrate Video Into Your Digital Advertising

by Cristian Ignat Head of PPC – 2Parale

91. Videos are about stories that don’t fit into banners

92. Videos are about describing your products

93. Video can be used by any industry

94. Video is about being brave with your message and make it go viral

95. Videos are about emotional advertising

96. Video is about context


Winning The Moments That Matter

by Biren Kalaria Head of Performance Activation – Google

97. ‘How To’ searches have tripled in the last few years

98. Search is becoming very local

99. ‘Near Me’ searches have grown 34x and 80% from mobile since 2011

100. 50% of consumers who conduct local searches on smartphones visit a store within a day

101. There are more intent signals than ever before

102. Bids for total conversions, will no longer need a mobile bid adjustment, if using ‘conversion optimizer’ or ‘ROIS’ bidding strategies

103. Make sure you are there during the ‘moments that matter’

104. Being mobile optimised is now a must!

105. Last click attribution will no longer help in a multi-device world.


As always, these top tips were created on the day so if you spot a mistake or any errors, please let us know in the comments.

Chris Whyatt

Chris started at Receptional in October 2014, having previously managed an in-house PPC team. Being a new father to his son Archie “Danger” Whyatt, (Yes, Danger really is his middle name) Chris doesn’t have much spare time, but when he does he enjoys films and is a massive The Walking Dead & Game of Thrones fan. AdWords Qualified and a Bing Ads Professional.

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