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116 Expert Tips from Thought Leaders and Global Brands at Search Camp 2017

December 12, 2017

116 Expert Tips from Thought Leaders and Global Brands at Search Camp 2017

Receptional has been lucky enough to spend the last two days down at Search Camp 2017 in sunny snowy Bognor Regis, listening to industry thought leaders and global brands discuss the landscape of online search and marketing. Key themes included the rise of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), the necessity of local SEO and the future of online advertising.

If you missed the two day event, we’ve put together over 100 tips from digital experts representing Lego, Microsoft, SEMrush, Vodafone and many more.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): Do’s and Don’ts for success

by Aleyda Solis, Orainti

1. Having a fast mobile website is one of the most fundamental aspects of online marketing to achieve

2. The ideal page loading speed is 2 seconds.

3. Many big sites have restrictive legacy platforms and small sites have little resources to improve them.

4. AMP (accelerated mobile pages) are published in ‘parallel’ with and canonicalises your current (slower) mobile web pages.

5. 22.84% of page one SERPs include at least 1 AMP result.

6. Aim for more mobile organic visibility than non-AMP

7. AMP is not a replacement of your mobile site

8. It’s best to avoid AMP with independent mobile sites, move to Responsive/Dynamic serving first

9. Use AMP when your mobile site is too slow and it can’t be improved

10. From February 2018, Google will require that AMP URLs also show ‘previews’ and refer back to your mobile site

11. There are also free WordPress plugins that greatly facilitate the implementation of AMP

12. Remember to redirect based on the user agent to avoid showing AMP URLs to non-mobile visitors

Global Channel Optimisation

by Nick Wilsdon, Vodafone UK

13.  Mobile first is understanding that visitors are going to use mobile to access your website

14. Mobile first and mobile-friendly are two different things.

15. Start taking performance seriously – the slower the performance the less your site will be crawled

16. Use sitespeed.io performance suite to measure and monitor your site

17. Take the first-mover advantages within mobile-first changes: AMP, App Indexation, Native Apps vs PWAS (Progressive Web Apps)

18. AMP can be used for e-commerce sites too

19. Mobile-first SEOs must become data Superheroes

20. Schema mark-up turns your site into machine readable data

21. Position Zero is the precursor to voice search

22. If you’re a marketer you need to understand voice search

23. Amazon Alexa owns 70% of the US market.

How Global is today’s Digital Landscape, Really?

by Tatiana Kalinina, Yandex

24. Yandex’s audience in Russia reaches 88% of Russian internet users

25. Yandex has become more than just a search engine

26. Facebook is the smallest player in the Russian social media market

27. Yandex has an ecommerce market, online payment portal, movies, music and more

28. Yandex provides  a Public Transport Tracker

29. Voice search is very important, Yandex has a voice assistant called Alice

30. Yandex’s Alice was inspired by the movie ‘Her’

31. Alice will replicate the manner of the user, to be the perfect conversational partner

32. Global Online Advertising Trends: Intergration, Automation and Personalisation

33. Auto targeting – User search queries matched directly to ad copy and landing page

34. Yandex will be taking AI to self-driving taxis

Unlocking the Potential of Google Data Studio

by Manuel Martinez, We Are Search

35. Make sure to connect your data – you can then move on to creating the report

36. Add ons: Search Analytics for Sheets and Supermetrics

37. Using Supermetrics community connectors: 400+ metrics & dimensions and no third party connectors are needed

Success Beyond Links: How to Make Your Content More Valuable

by Vicke Cheung, Distilled

38. Although content has evolved, the goal has remained the same

39. Link building might not be future proof

40. Win at brand awareness and perception

41. It’s time to stop limiting content to being all about links

42. Start creating content that is of real value

43. Branded content will be at the heart of every marketing strategy

44. Results are relative, whatever stage you’re at you can still achieve a lot

45. Start by creating content around the key words

46. It pays to embrace your niche

47. Brand awareness, sentiment and trust are much harder to measure accurately

Challenges of Search in a Global Scale

by Arnoldo Cabrera, Ikea

48. We focus on high volume searches

49. We’re moving away from constantly chasing links and working on our brand awareness

50. Listen to your audience and identify what they want to see

51. Stay true to your brand and voice

52. Understand your technology landscape, today and tomorrow

53. Use your brand to create unique experiences and make sure you’re the only source of this information

Reshaping the Landscape of Search: Tracking Google’s Algorithm Changes

by Fernando Angulo, SEMrush

54. Tools that track Google SERPs volatility can be restricting

55. Some industries fluctuate in search results more than others, but this has nothing to do with Google updates

56. Common features among update ‘losers’ – thin content pages, low quality content and UX issues

57. If you fail to adjust, change will be a disaster. If you’re ready for it change becomes your opportunity

The Future of Advertising by the Elements

by Tor Thompson, EMEA Regional Director for Bing Ads, Microsoft UK

58. Voice drives longer search queries

59. By 2020, 50% of search will come from voice

60. Immersive experiences are the key

61. The future of advertising is personalised

Austin Power’s Super Mega Top Secret Local SEO Tips to Help You Dominate in 2018

by Greg Gifford, DealerOn

62. Thanks to personalisation and localisation everyone sees slightly different results

63. It’s important to explain that Local SEO takes time to work

64. Close more business with a simple Local SEO mini audit

65. Local SEO is more complicated and includes additional signals

66. Local SEO is tough, it’s not the same in every vertical

67. It’s a tiered system, results are ordered by proximity

68. Local links are pure gold

69. Don’t worry about whether a link is a follow or nofollow for Local SEO performance

70. Here are some ideas for local links: event sponsorship, local blogs, local newspapers, local charities

71. Make sure to test everything yourself.

72. Make sure to frequently update pictures in Google My Business

73. The fewer categories used in Google My Business the better. You don’t have to use all 10

74. Use Google Posts to grab more attention – they must be updated every week

75. If you’re in a competitive market, citations can really help you.

76. Your citations must be 100% consistent

77. Spread your reviews across different places: Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor

In-House Marketing, it’s a Team Sport

by Simon Heseltine, ForRent

78. It’s key to get an understanding across, let clients know what it is you do

79. There is the challenge of finding people who want a job as an in-house SEO marketer

80. A typical team challenge is retaining your staff, there needs to be a career path available

81. It is important to train your team, continually keep them involved

82. Make sure you look after your team, it’s much easier to retain a good employee than it is to find a new one

Welcome to a new world: Crawling, Indexing and Ranking in the Age of Mobile-First!

by Bastain Grimm Peak Ace

83. Mobile first indexing is about Google preferring and organising cross-device content

84. In the future, your rankings will be based on your mobile website entirely

85. If you want to rank for content, you need to be sure it’s on your mobile site

86. 94% of all sites are using JavaScript; this is ultimately why Google started to render sites instead of just crawling them

87. Google won’t be giving any notifications that you’ve been switched over to mobile first indexing

88. AMP: stripped down HTML performance but AMP, without a doubt, is extremely fast

89. Google started to automatically convert non mobile-friendly pages

90. Fast loading time plays an important role in overall user experience

How to be the 800 Pound Gorilla in your Vertical with Facebook Ads Voodoo

by Jim Banks, UK Space Media

91. Facebook Pixel is the foundation of Facebook advertising success

92. Poorly implemented Facebook Pixel is the biggest cause of poor performance of Facebook ads

93. Only have one Facebook Pixel

94. Facebook analytics is an unknown treasure, people are always logged in

95. Facebook advertising is all about video

96. If you are going to work with video advertising, it should work with and without sound

97. Facebook have three types of people, people that click, people that buy and people that scroll

98. Facebook ads are the future

LEGO: A Year in Search. How Large Organisations Think About Search Marketing

by Luis Navarrette Gomez, Lego

99. SEO in Amazon is one of the niche areas Lego are focusing on

100. One of our biggest challenges is that our audiences are constantly evolving

101. Kids are the most demanding consumers in the world – they have no loyalty to a brand

102. Content and product discovery happens in many ways. Search goes beyond web search to become an experience in itself

103. Use YouTube as an inspirational channel for kids

104. The best content will usually come from your consumers

105. We give our audiences a voice

106. Lego cannot use cookies as they market to children

10 Commandments of In-House SEO success

by Oscar Carreras, Expedia

107. You’re likely to fail, but keep at it

108. Educational diversity as a measure for success

109. Our motto: led by creative, backed by science

110. Encourage innovation organically

Transactional Discovery: The Changing Machines Between Brands and People

by Tom Cheesewright, Book of the Future

111. Language is technology

112. Five step model of e-commerce = Recognition, Research, Comparison, Decision, Evaluation

113. eCommerce today is human run

114. With voice control, this is beginning to change

115. There is a huge possibility that in time we will hand over to machines

116. I am big believer that augmented reality will be a full time experience

NB.  these tips were collected and published on the day so naturally there might be some typos or spelling errors (we were working at super speed!) If you do spot any errors please feel free to get in touch csanders@receptional.com

Chloe Sanders

Digital Marketing Executive

Chloe joined Receptional, having previously graduated from the University of Lincoln studying Film and Television. Chloe is analytics qualified. She has key involvement in account management and works within a link building team, working on SEO and content writing for a number of clients. Away from her desk, Chloe enjoys photography, blogging and watching movies.

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