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2019 Guide To Display Advertising

April 3, 2019

2019 Guide To Display Advertising

The UK is the largest market in Europe for digital advertising spend and this is set to keep on increasing. In fact, last year UK advertisers spent more than £12.6bn on digital ads alone, with figures looking to rise to £14.3bn in 2019 (eMarketer).

Almost half of all ad spend now happens online, with display ads performing better than ever thanks to a range of formats such as HTML5 and video ads. These have allowed more users than ever to engage with a brand’s ads.

It’s one of the most flexible and effective ways of reaching your target audience across almost all sectors.

What Is Display Advertising?

The term itself refers to the process of advertising a service, product or event online using content such as images, animations and video.

Display advertising is a powerful tool businesses can utilise to directly market to audiences that have shown an interest in their product or service. It’s a powerful way to get messages across to the right people, increasing the likelihood of them converting and turning into consumers.

Display advertising can be broken down into three types:

1. Website Advertising: The advertiser will decide which websites the ads will display on, normally pre-approved with the vendor, website or platform.

2. Audience Advertising: The advertiser will choose a category or audience type for the ads to show ONLY on relevant websites.

3. Remarketing: These ads will appear for a specific customer who has recently interacted with your brand, product or service.

Why Use Display Ads?

Google’s Display Network reaches a phenomenal 90% of internet users worldwide (Google) what does that look like? Latest statistics show there are around 4.4 billion people online around the world. Google’s Display Network is reaching 3.96bn of those.

This unmatched reach presents advertisers with the opportunity to truly get in front of the right audience, and a lot of them.

We have written more about display advertising in our latest eBook, ‘2019 Guide To Display Advertising’.

It gives businesses an outline of display advertising, Google’s Display Network and some best practice tips to ensure advertisers experience success with their campaigns.

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