3 Brilliant Ways We Built Links And Boosted Traffic For Our Clients

3 Brilliant Ways We Built Links and Boosted Traffic For Our Clients

February 24, 2016

3 Brilliant Ways We Built Links and Boosted Traffic For Our Clients

Link Builder?… you mean Creative Campaign Pioneer

 My name is Gina and I am a link builder…. It sounds so dull doesn’t it? What it should say is ‘’my name’s Gina and I am a creative genius’…well, maybe something like that. The term ‘link builder’ really does under-estimate our work in SEO. To put it simply, we work to get your business to the top of the search engines by creating link-worthy and interesting campaigns. We battle against lots of competition to get your site ranking the best it can in Google and it’s not an easy job. For example, search the term ‘football boots’ in Google and you will see 3,690,000 results for the UK alone! So how do we compete? The more links we create on relevant sites with relevant content targeting your key terms the higher you climb up the rankings. To do so we need to know your audience, the kind of content those readers will like and the type of topics that catch editors’ attention. Our team of link builders at Receptional have created some great campaigns already this year. Here are the top ones to date:


1.      Office Resolutions

Gina1 When 2016 was approaching we worked with commercial office rental agency Morgan Pryce to make some ‘office resolutions’. We designed the images and slogans then printed them on mugs and stickers as a giveaway to place on various business sites. The content was easily shareable, you could enter a competition to win a mug and pack of stickers to give your colleagues a handy hint and it was light-hearted to widen the appeal to embrace a number of websites. The campaign, which ran during January 2016, picked up over 14 links on high quality sites with over seven sites picking it up on their own blogs.

2.      Christmas Decoration Fails

We love to decorate the office at Christmas and there is nothing better than making your own hand crafted decorations…or maybe not. We found some festive decorations online with simple instructions to make at home. We then tasked two members of the team to make the decorations themselves with disastrous consequences.  We published the results on Bored Panda, a site where you can demonstrate your creativity and found that many  people sympathized with us. Christmas decorations are not that easy to make it seems. The post got over 22,000 views online. It was also shared across over 30 websites. The idea was sponsored by Bedroom Storage Maker, home storage solutions, and we included a link back to their site. Gina2

3.      Christmas Cookbook

There was a time when Christmas was all about greed! Getting as many presents as possible, stuffing your face with Christmas cake and sprouts and sleeping to the mid-afternoon. Nowadays it is all about keeping healthy, not adding the pounds before the New Year rather than fighting to lose them after. In keeping with this lifestyle nirvana , we created a Christmas cookbook with a twist. With the help of nutritionists from Discount Supplements we created all the traditional Christmas treats but with reduced sugar, fat, calories and free from all the other lovely  stuff that’s bad for you. Every recipe included items that you can buy at Discount Supplements and we asked food bloggers to trial the recipes and give their feedback. The recipes went down a storm and from that we created a book people could buy online! We then offered this as a giveaway and a free download on selected sites that promoted Discount Supplements. Discount Supplements offered it to their customers free of charge and it was downloaded over 5,000 times on its release. Gina4 I’m sure you’re all wondering how you can ensure your campaigns can achieve the same success? A great deal  of our work is based on research into the media we are targeting, understanding our audience and picking up on the latest trends. I’ve put together some simple starter tools to help you create campaigns as good as ours:

Think Link

Above all, think about where and how you will get the link into the content and how it will produce more links. Can the content be shared? Can it be used on multiple sites? Slant it so that it would be appealing to  by larger media outlets?

Is it relevant?

Make sure you keep the project relevant to the brand you are working with so that you can target relevant sites.  If you’re working with a London-centred business then create London-centred content.

Identify your target sites

Before you start the campaign have a list of target sites and then tailor the content with those sites in mind. The more appealing it is to certain websites the more likely it is that they will run with the campaign.

Add in a hook

This could be a competition, like the mugs for the office resolutions, or a shareable image that the reader can post online. Make the campaign of value and something the reader can take from it and share.

Learn from campaigns

Not all campaigns will work, sometimes it’s trial and error and can be a matter of timing, the wrong channels or they simply didn’t resonate. Assess campaigns that have failed and those that have worked and learn from them. If you need some creative help with boosting your traffic and building links, get in touch with our link building team.

Gina Hutchings

Senior SEO Consultant and Account Manager - Gaming

Gina is not longer with the company. But as an award winning digital marketing agency Receptional continues to go from strength to strength, delivering outstanding results for our clients. If you require any further assistance, please contact us on enquiries@receptional.com or call us on 01525 715520

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