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Nailed It! 3 Of Our Most Successful PR Campaigns Of 2018 (So Far)

September 6, 2018

Nailed It! 3 Of Our Most Successful PR Campaigns Of 2018 (So Far)

What has three points and can be read? This post! Okay, our riddles may not be great, but luckily our digital PR campaigns are.

Effective digital PR campaigns demand a great deal of planning, creativity and organisation. They often require a combination of research, data collection, content curation and outreach – time well spent if you manage to grab the attention of the journalists you are targeting.

As we are over half way through 2018 we thought we would share our top three digital PR campaigns so far. From the initial planning and process, to the execution and right to the end results.

Tappable: What Would you Sacrifice to Keep your Phone?

Tappable are a mobile-led design and development agency, working with corporates and start-ups across multiple sectors. All products are created adopting a user-first methodology and solutions are designed taking an expert think-tank approach to business pain-points and objectives.

This campaign idea was formed around current events regarding how millennials rely on technology. As Tappable are a mobile app development agency we thought finding out exactly how far millennials would go to keep their smartphones would highlight how integral mobiles have become into their everyday lives.

The first step in the campaign was creating a Google survey entitled ‘What Would You Sacrifice to Keep Your Phone?’ which was distributed to over 500 UK males and females aged between 18-34 to discover what they would willingly sacrifice to keep their phones. Respondents were asked 10 closed questions around their lifestyle preferences and had to decide whether their phones were more important.

The 10 questions were:

    1. Would you give up shoes for a month to keep your phone?
    2. Would you give up sex for a year to keep your phone?
    3. Would you give up alcohol forever to keep your phone?
    4. Would you lose a finger to keep your phone?
    5. Would you give up your car for a year to keep your phone?
    6. Would you give up your favourite food forever to keep your phone?
    7. Would you give up central heating this winter to keep your phone?
    8. Would you stop going on holiday to keep your phone?
    9. Would you give up seeing your family/friends in person to keep your phone?
    10. Which of these would you rather live without forever – Touch, Smell, Hearing, Sight, Taste, your phone?

Once the data was analysed, we used the findings to write press releases which were then distributed to tech, lifestyle, dating and gaming publications as well as the national press. From this, we achieved coverage and 24 links in reputable publications including The Mirror, SC Magazine and London Loves Business.

Above is an example of the graphics Receptional created from the survey data to accompany the press release.

Due to the popularity of this campaign, we have also formulated a follow up campaign. Using the same data our design team have created an animation which will be outreached further.

Away Resorts: Rise of the Staycation

Away Resorts is a UK holiday park operator with a total of six parks in Lincolnshire, Isle of Wight, North Wales, Hampshire, Hayling Island and Essex. Each park has a range of activities and different accommodation options, including luxury log cabins, caravans and glamping amongst other options.

The idea for this PR strategy was formulated during a meeting with the client where they mentioned their interest in conducting research about the rise of the ‘Staycation’. After the meeting, we put together a list of questions to ask UK holidaymakers, to gain an insight into holiday trends for 2018. The survey was distributed via Google Surveys to a targeted list of 500 UK residents.

The 10 questions were:

  1. Are you taking your main holiday in the UK or abroad in 2018?
  2. Which of these options best describes the type of UK holiday you’re taking this year?
  3. Is your UK holiday somewhere you have been before?
  4. How long will your UK holiday last?
  5. Excluding spending money, how much will your UK holiday cost this year?
  6. At what time of the year will your take your UK holiday?
  7. How long are you prepared to travel for your UK holiday?
  8. Which of these accommodation options interest you?
  9. Which of the below is important when booking your UK holiday?
  10. Do you have any interest in owning a holiday home in the UK?

Once the responses were analysed, not only was a press release written and distributed to travel and lifestyle publications, but an infographic was also created by our design team, which collated all the survey data into an easy to read and eye-catching design.

The campaign achieved 12 placements, including links on high authority publications such as Camping With Style, Touring and Tenting, Travel Bulletin and Holiday Parks Management, these publications used the infographic and/or data from the survey in features for their websites.

BWML: Floating Homes

BWML operate 19 marinas throughout the UK, providing over 2500 berths for all types of craft, including coastal berths at Hull and Glasson Basin Marinas. At their Bath Marina, BWML have a caravan park with 100 pitches.

In June 2018, BWML were introducing their new Floating Homes in Sawley Marina, Nottinghamshire. There was a discussion around which was the best angle to use to discuss the debut of the floating homes. Should it focus around the eco-friendly aspect, the health benefits of living by the waterfront, or should it address the UK housing problem?

Following the discussion, it was decided to focus on the affordability of the homes, compared to land-based properties in Nottinghamshire, and a press release was produced with this angle in mind, as the average house in Nottingham costs £194,412 compared to the floating homes that have a starting cost at £169,950.

The press release was outreached to multiple property, boating and local magazines. BWML also held an open day to showcase the homes to potential buyers and the press.

The floating homes press release attracted plenty of attention and was featured in Nottingham Post, Derbyshire Live, Leicester Mercury and Towpath Talks.

Off the back of this campaign BWML have moved from position 56 for the term ‘floating homes’ to position 2.

If you’re looking to create a successful campaign with a multiple award-winning agency, please feel free to get in contact with us using the contact form below. We can achieve the results you want.

Chloe Sanders

Digital Marketing Executive

Chloe joined Receptional, having previously graduated from the University of Lincoln studying Film and Television. Chloe is analytics qualified. She has key involvement in account management and works within a link building team, working on SEO and content writing for a number of clients. Away from her desk, Chloe enjoys photography, blogging and watching movies.

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