46 Tips and Insights From Brighton MeasureFest 2015

46 Tips and Insights From Brighton MeasureFest 2015

The Receptional team recently attended the the latest Brighton MeasureFest, a conference focusing exclusively on analytics, big data, business intelligence and conversion rate optimisation. SEO Consultant, Tom, headed down to Brighton for MeasureFest on Thursday on the hunt for the latest tips and tricks. Here are 46 insights he picked up on the day:



Attribution You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

by Russell McAthy Deliver Insight

1. Data integrity – Ensure that the data you’re measuring is the correct data

2. Use what you’ve learned in the previous quarter to go forward in the next quarter

3. Don’t rest on your laurels. If you’re up 20% this week, what are you going to do to get to 30% next week


Attribution 2.0

by Harriet Checkley Periscopix

4. There is more than one model to measure attribution

5. Use more than one model to get a wider insight into customer data

6. Target specific segments – smaller targeted testing provides better quality data than large generic tests

7. Attribution is all about data driven actionable insights

8. Offline can affect online data

9. Using different models can explain unexplained variances

10. Using different tools to layout advertising campaigns can highlight bottlenecks

11. Use offline experiences to improve online interactions

12. Be an agnostic and consider all channels

13. Expand your resources by sharing relevant knowledge with stakeholders


Measuring The Marmite Media

by Lewis Lenssen Rakuten Marketing UK

14. Often, opinions are polarised due to poor measurements

15. Don’t pick winning strategies – establish what works for you

16. Does it work is the wrong question – does it work where you want it to is what you should be asking

17. Use grouped categories for targeted statistics to measure smaller data sets but with more ranges

18. It’s not about having a tool, it’s about using it correctly

19. Marketers forget they are there to find new data opportunities

20. Retargeting correctly will give you better ROI

21. Retargeting – if you sell a unique product, don’t choose affiliate cashback

22. If you do, use it as brand introduction

23. Social media advertising isn’t always a good idea, you might not get the data you need



by Martijn Scheijbeler The Next Web

24. Your company should have a culture of testing

25. Sometimes when it comes to quick winners, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. But only if it’s worth it.

26. Failed tests can be just as informative as successful ones

27. User start points influence social media sharing

28. Think about how many tests you’re running to how many you need to

29. Have a developer work in your marketing team

30. Let marketers fix simple testing failures

31. Always share – communication is biggest element between testing teams


Creating A Testing Culture In Asda

by Connor Wilkinson Asda

32. Work out your eco-system before you start testing

33. Involve everyone in your eco-system

34. Keep the momentum going in your projects – don’t stall!

35. A roadmap is never a straight line – when it does bend, straighten and narrow it as much as possible

36. Does your test relate to your expectations


Roadmaps & Experiment Design – Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

by Tim Stewart

37. Develop a process to reliably reach success

38. You need to know where website and business objectives meet

39. Measurement is only a failure if nobody understands the results

40. Don’t change the scope of the project once final expectations have been achieved

41. The loudest client is not always the highest priority

42. Be aware of tendencies and unexpected consequences

43. Be prepared if nothing happens


Turbo Charging Your Google Analytics Data

by Neil Barnes Friday Media Group

44. Hook up your Google Sheets with Google data to increase data transparency

45. Google sheets means you can query data by multiple views

46. You can schedule automated data reporting


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