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49 Powerful Paid Search Tips from BrightonSEO

April 4, 2017

49 Powerful Paid Search Tips from BrightonSEO

I know what you’re thinking, hasn’t Receptional already covered BrightonSEO in another blog post? Well yes and no:  this year BrightonSEO gave Paid Search its own dedicated room at the top of the Brighton Conference Centre. (I mean it’s only natural to continue the metaphorical superiority complex us Paid Media professionals have! Being a ’Click above the Rest™’ and all.) Not only was the room full to bursting, but the views from the room were second to none.

So given that BrightonSEO dedicated a whole day to Paid Search, we sent our Senior Paid Search Consultant, Chris Whyatt, down on the train and he  picked up 49 tricks and insights from the speakers below.

How to choose where we invest media spend

By Susana Valverde Solano, Ecselis

  1. Understand the different advertising channels available to your business
  2. Understand the user journey and where it falls along the path, e.g. Awareness/Consideration/Conversion
  3. YouTube has seen a 40% YoY growth in advertisers using videos

How to create your own dynamic remarketing

By Marco Volpe, Edita

  1. Always start by asking ‘Why’?
  2. Understand the four objections to sales: No Need/No Money/No Hurry/No Trust
  3. 92% of users abandon shopping carts
  4. Use Google Analytics to create custom audiences to segment users based on the four objections
  5. Create separate remarketing ads tailored to solving the four objections to sales
  6. Always test different messaging, while continuing to provide users with an answer to their objections to sale

Looking beyond paid search for better biddable results

By Sam Vandermark, The Specialist Works

  1. Google don’t do search marketing anymore, they do online marketing!
  2. There is a continued rise in both image and voice search
  3. The number of voice searches are set to double in 2-3 years’ time
  4. Understand your audiences, using 3rd party tools, to enable you to target them better
  5. Get clever by targeting your competitors’ audience with Timing + Context + Message

How to use Paid Media to increase the lifetime value of a customer

By Samantha Nobel, Koozai

  1. It costs 500% more to acquire new customers than it does to keep your current ones
  2. Paid media historically has been about acquiring new customers
  3. We can now target our own audiences via PPC
  4. 65% of consumers say that receiving rewards affects their frequency of purchase
  5. 80% of shoppers would switch stores or brands when offered a compelling promotion
  6. Use dedicated landing pages for existing customers to show different messaging and offers
  7. Stop customers going to a competitor by using RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) with competitor keyword bidding
  8. Offer unique discounts for existing customers using dedicated RLSA campaign ads
  9. Upsell existing customers with related products using Gmail Sponsored Promotions
  10. Utilise Customer Match to segment messaging to encourage repeat purchases

Bing, Bigger than you think

By Vikas Arora, Bing Ads

  1. Bing currently has a market share of over 23%, which is growing year on year
  2. Bing search currently powers Cortana, Siri and Alexa! As well as being directly enabled within Windows 10 OS
  3. You can now import all AdWords shopping campaigns seamlessly directly into Bing Ads
  4. 50% of all searches will be via voice by 2020
  5. Remember the Three Ps of search: Personal/Pervasive/Predictive

The psychology of language for PPC

By Sophie Turton, Bozboz

  1. Consider the following when writing ad copy, Who, What and Why?
  2. Who you are talking to?
  3. What you want them to learn from your message?
  4. Why they should care?
  5. Solve problems and become the solution
  6. Target the issue within your ads
  7. Mirror an objective as to why they are searching
  8. Include what they want to know
  9. 70% of users trust peer reviews
  10. 32% increase in CTR by adding a timer and driving urgency

Moving Towards Audiences in a Keyword Based World

By Arianne Donoghue, Icelolly.com

  1. Keywords are not the driving force they once were
  2. Consider the other factors: Age/Gender/Device/Interests /Behaviours/Location
  3. Understand the data sources available to you: Google Analytics/Email/Facebook Insights/ Adwords Insights
  4. Dig deeper with customer segments on Google Analytics
  5. Pick your most useful, actionable insights and focus on those
  6. Think of email as a gateway
  7. Use Facebook to find out who your email customers are

Get more quality leads from your PPC campaign

By Jennifer Holt, ConversionWorks

  1. 77% of companies are dissatisfied with the quality of their leads
  2. Import offline conversion data into AdWords to get better insights
  3. Establish an optimum cost per qualified lead such as CQL + Profit/ROI
Chris Whyatt

Chris has moved on from Receptional but articles he wrote during his time with us are still highly relevant. As an award winning digital marketing agency Receptional continues to go from strength to strength, delivering outstanding results for our clients and providing a personalised, flexible service, with specialists in each channel. Like to know more, give us a call.

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