80 digital tips and tricks from BrightonSEO


80 digital tips and tricks from BrightonSEO

Receptional has had a very busy (and fun) day at BrightonSEO today. Conference speakers discussed stategies in link building, SEO, ideas for content writing and various ways to harness social media.

We’ve put together a list of the best bits, including top tips, quotes and practical tricks that you can go away and implement today. Aren’t you lucky.


1 Universal Analytics (in Google Analytics) is now available in beta From @Dara Fitzgerald, FreshEgg


2 Universal Analytics will allow you to add offline data to Google Analytics From @Dara Fitzgerald, FreshEgg

3 It will be easier to calculate the lifetime value of each of your customers From @Dara Fitzgerald, FreshEgg

4 Visitor level call tracking allows you to track the keywords that are generating calls to your business From @Ali White, TWWhite & Sons, slidesha.re/15blZbF

5 You can’t rely on customers to let you know how they found your business From @Ali White, TWWhite & Sons, slidesha.re/15blZbF

6 Google Analytics uses five different types of cookies to track visits and interactions with your site From @Nikki Rae, Future Insight Analytics,

7 You can use Google Analytics Debugger (it’s a Chrome plugin) to test Google Analytics cookies if you think they’re not working. From @Nikki Rae, Future Insight Analytics,


8 Get a free analytics dashboards showing users’ technology at http://kooz.ai/ga-tech-dash From Anna Lewis, @Koozai_Anna, Koozai,

9 Get a free analytics dashboards showing site performance at http://kooz.ai/ga-site-dash From Anna Lewis, @Koozai_Anna, Koozai,


10 Dixon Jones gave a great presentation on how to use big data to predict the future. Seriously – he can predict the future! And, if you don’t believe us, you can watch it here: Using big data to predict the future From @Dixon_Jones, MajesticSEO


11 Viral content is short-lived. Invest more in bread and butter content. The type of content that will help a user to solve a problem. From Lauren Pope, @La_Pope

12 Don’t automatically opt for viral content to sell your products. It could potentially alienate visitors to your site, harming conversion rates From Lauren Pope @La_Pope

13 Build your brand with Bread and Butter Content that answers questions. From Lauren Pope, @La_Pope

14 Bread and Butter content requires minimal maintainance From Lauren Pope, @La_Pope

15 If link-bait is your concern, everyday content can attain links, especially if it is authoritative and useful. From Lauren Pope, @La_Pope

16 Despite popular belief, Bread and Butter Content can bring you traffic, advocacy and revenue. From Lauren Pope, @La_Pope

17 Liken content to food. Viral content gives a sugar rush with an eventual crash. Everyday content is like a complex carbohydrate; it releases energy steadily so content will always be relevant From Lauren Pope, @La_Pope

18 Build brand advocacy with bread and butter content. A useful experience will lead to a recommendation and higher conversions From Lauren Pope, @La_Pope


19 Through conveying different feelings across different content platforms, you can harness the right traffic to convert. From Ralf Schwoebel

20 Add a brand building aspect to your basic conversion goals. From Ralf Schwoebel


21 Don’t be a content ‘churnaliser’, Do your content research in line with business objectives and customer usability. From Mark Henshall, @M_Hensh & Stephen Hull, @Stephenjhull

22 To create high quality content – ask yourself: will this piece of content make the lives of your client or consumers easier? From Mark Henshall, @M_Hensh & Stephen Hull, @Stephenjhull

23 Don’t chase after Google algorithms. Marry your technical SEO insight with content writing. Visitors do not differentiate between the two, and this partnership will create content that feeds content. From Mark Henshall & Stefan Hull

24 Social listening is powerful. Customers use real language. Map language and hot topics using http://ubersuggest.org/ From @Mark Henshall & Stefan Hull


International SEO

25 Should you adapt your website for international visitors? Use Google Analytics to check the volumes of international visitors From Aleyda Solis, @aleyda, Seer Interactive

26 Check which pages are attracting international visitors. What keywords are taking visitors to specifc landing pages? From Aleyda Solis

27 Use Webmaster tools to see international visibility. Do you have a high click-through rate (CTR) from other countries? Are you speaking their language? From Aleyda Solis

28 Identify languages in keyword tools like SEM Rush to verify international keyword volume. From Aleyda Solis

29 Before you create an international website, ask yourself: is there enough traffic and conversions to to warrant an international version for your particular business? From Aleyda Solis

30 Create custom alerts in Google Analytics to track levels of international traffic e.g an increase of 10% From Aleyda Solis

31 When developing your international website, research the online behaviour of your targeted international audience From Aleyda Solis

32 Get native support to validate language like Lexipedia to engage localized international audience. From Aleyda Solis

33 Use SEOMoz for keyword competitors in other countries From Aleyda Solis

34 Use Google’s Webmaster tools to geotarget your chosen countries From Aleyda Solis

35 Make use of “rel alternative hreflang” in your sitemap to signify alternate language to search engines From Aleyda Solis

36 Localise titles, telephone no. and descriptions to tell Google you are targeting that country. From Aleyda Solis

37 Make your content and elements indexable/crawlable From Aleyda Solis

38 Use the Social Crawlytics tool to identify local influencers in a different countries From Aleyda Solis

39 Track your international conversions over time. From Aleyda Solis


40 We think of our search engine as a window on the web. It’s an interface, not just a search engine. From Dave Coplin, Chief Envisaging Officer, Microsoft

41 We’re not using smart phones smartly. Smart phones are incredibly powerful but we’re still doing the same old things we used to do. We should be using technology to improve our lives. From Dave Coplin, Chief Envisaging Officer, Microsoft


SEO – on a large scale

42 Don’t be afraid to pick and choose your clients – if they don’t suit your mold you may not be able to provide the help that they need. From Nick Rinylo and James Bevington, Creare SEO

43 Understand how your client manages success and you can meet their expectations From Nick Rinylo and James Bevington, Creare SEO

44 Automate your link prospects- install http://tynt.com/, it will tell you if people have copied your content and where. From Berian Reed, @berianreed, Autotrader

45 Automate your link prospects with an SEO Tools Excel plugin. It will help you analyse the authority of your prospect’s site and save you time! From Berian Reed, Autotrader


46 You do not necessarily need a website to appear in local search. Take control of your brand by uploading it to a listing site. From David Whatley, @MiShoplocal, MiShop.Local

47 Clean your brands N(Name) A(Address) and P(Phone number) and make sure branches do the same, or a hosting site may do it for you with incorrect data. From David Whatley


48 If you are an SEO specialist in a large company, visualise your ideas in terms of revenue to get your strategies approved From Dan Patmore, @ideasfordad, Argos

49 For a large website showcasing many products, prioritise speed over anything else. Website visitors will forgive other shortcomings From Dan Patmore, Argos

50 To sell SEO longtail in a big busines, dispell the myth of vodoo SEO and make your ideas as real as possible. From Dan Patmore, Argos


51 SEO should be integrated with a much wider strategy From Tim Grice @Tim_Grice, Branded3

52 Rankings are meaningless without conversions. Suggest a website re-design if you have hit an SEO ceiling From Nick Rinylo @NickRinylo and James Bevington @JamesBevington, Creare SEO

53 Standardise a ‘Best Practice Bible’. Adopt an 80/20 rule: if the majority works then use it as a blueprint across your clients. From Nick Rinylo and James Bevington, Creare SEO

54 Put your team through on-goinging traning to strengthen your ‘Best Practice Bible’. Remove old techniques as and when. Nick Rinylo and James Bevington, Creare SEO

55 Maintain frequent contact with your clients. This builds trust and lasting relationships. Nick Rinylo and James Bevington, Creare SEO

56 Set up customer intelligence alerts in Google Analytics to automate anything tedious that you do on a daily basis, e.g. traffic fluctuations Nick Rinylo and James Bevington, Creare SEO


On-Site Markup

57 To further your SEO objectives, include star review Mark Up to increase conversions. From Alan Cairns, @n01d34 , bozboz

58 The easiest on-site markup is the “rel=author” tag From Alan Cairns

59 Marking up elements with the unordered list tag <UL> will help Google pull results into search From Alan Cairns

60 You can use schema markup to promote upcoming events in your website’s meta-description From Alan Cairns

61 Schema markup does affect rankings. It will improve the authority of your website From Alan Cairns


Link Building

62 Automated link building is causing rankings to drop. Avoid it. From Tim Grice, Branded3

63 You can recover from link penalties From Tim Grice, Branded3

64 Remove toxic links. You will need to use more than one tool to find your toxic links. Webmaster tools alone will not be enough. From Tim Grice, Branded3

65 Good SEO is marketing, not manipulation. From Tim Grice, Branded3

66 Work with your SEO agency to develop a news strategy to create great content From Tim Grice, Branded3

67 The more informed yoru SEO is, the better the results will be. From Tim Grice, Branded3

68 Build links that are likely to get traffic. Publish something useful and promote the content From Tim Grice, Branded3

69 SEO used to be “Optimising a website so that it ranks at the top of the search engines”. Now it’s just one of the aims of SEO. It’s now about optimising a business so that it deserves to appear at the top of the search rankings” From Ade Lewis https://twitter.com/@Teapot_Ade

SEO Strategy

70 Producing infographics isn’t marketing. Researching and producing great content, in an appropriate medium, is great marketing. From Peter Wailes, @peterwailes, SEO Gadget, @SEOgadget

71 Find the target audience, understand the brand, connect the two.

72 Not many sites are using prerender and prefetch to speed up their page load times. You can prerender pages so that they’re immediately available in the browser when a visitor makes a click. You might use these to speed up a checkout process, or on multi-page articles. From Richard Falconer, L Bi

73 In the bad old days, developers would use Ajax as a way of delivering web pages. Ajax was good for user experience, but often bad for search engine optimization. So, it was best avoided. Nowadays HTML5 allows us to create a similarly smooth user experience – via push state. And HTML5 is SEO-friendly. From Richard Falconer, L Bi

74 Powermapper is a site scraper tool – similar to Screaming Frog. It creates visual sitemaps – great for showing clients the structure of their site without the need for a spreadsheet. From Richard Falconer, L Bi


75 You can tailor social structured data for each different social network. From Alex Moss, @alexmoss, 3 Door Digital

76 Google+ Meta Data: Use tailored Title, Description and Thumbnail Image or Google will auto-collate which could look messy. From Alex Moss

77 Start Tweeting using Twitter cards as they’re essentially rich snippets for Tweets and are used in other apps. From Alex Moss

78 Businesses can use the roduct card to define variables for niche data and specific products From Alex Moss

79 You must authorise your domain to begin using Twitter Cards, so do this straight away. From Alex Moss

80 If time is limited, implement Facebook social structured data as other networks will use this by default. From Alex Moss


NB. This list has been compiled on the day, so please contact us if you spot any errors.

For more great tips from the speakers at BrightonSEO, take a look at Wordtracker’s round-up

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