Adwords Ad Serving Settings – Are Your Top Converting Ads Hiding?


Adwords Ad Serving Settings – Are Your Top Converting Ads Hiding?

I have recently reviewed quite a few client, and potential clients, Adwords accounts and have noticed that many of the top converting ads are being sparsely displayed due to the Ad serving settings.

The ‘Optimise: Show better-performing ads more often’ option in ‘campaign settings’, is an attractive tool to many of us, and is the logical option for optimising ad performance, however, this function only takes the CTR into consideration and can often result in hidden gems left behind with little exposure.

In one example last week, an advert had a conversion rate of over 15% but was served less than 10% of the time.  The click through rate wasn’t as impressive as it was for other ads, which obviously would impact the quality score, but the really important metrics (conversion rate, cost per conversion, revenue per click) made the decision to ‘Rotate: Show ads more evenly’ an easy one.

Deciding what ads to pause, re-activate, or leave running can sometimes be daunting especially when you’re taking into consideration impressions, clicks, CTR, conversions, conversion rate, cost per conversion, and revenue per visit.  Prioritising the importance of your key metrics and making decisions based on statistical confidence makes this process so much easier!  The Teasley Statistical Calculator is extremely helpful and can ease any nagging doubt you may have, especially when you test 2 ads and see the following;

Statistically Significant Difference

Your results are: 2.563883 standard deviations apart

You are approximately 99% confident that the ads will have different long term response rates!

We see testing ad text response and conversion rates as an ongoing process and in this case we developed further adverts to challenge the originals to find the winning combination. However, we are hoping that the winning combination doesn’t last too long, as there are always new ads on the horizon and it has actually created a competitive mind set with the rest of the PPC team in the office, as everyone strives to beat the top performer!

 To edit the Ad Serving edit the campaign settings and scroll down to the Scheduling and serving section.

 Google Adwords Ad Serving

If you do make changes to any of your paid search campaign settings be sure to track the impact on your KPI’s to make sure the figures compliment your overall PPC strategy.

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