How to Get Free AdWords Advertising Using Google Grants


How to Get Free AdWords Advertising Using Google Grants

Do You Want Free Money From Google?

Of course you do, who doesn’t like free money! However this offer isn’t available to anyone and everyone unfortunately.

This so-called  ‘free money’  is actually awarded in the form of a grant from Google’s Ad Grant Platform and is only available to qualified not-for-profit and charity organisations.

So, what exactly is Google Ad Grants? How does it work and how can you check if you do qualify?

What Is Google Ad Grants?

The Google Ad Grants programme is the non-profit edition of AdWords PPC (Google’s online pay per click advertising tool). The charity pay per click programme is designed to help qualifying charity and non-profit organisations to advertise on Google’s search pages for free! The grant allows charities to spend up to a £26,000* a month advertising their initiatives and missions on the AdWords platform.

The Ad Grants programme allows you to harness the power of AdWords to help you achieve more income for your cause.

In order for your organisation to qualify you must go through an application process: to keep your grant, you must follow the programme’s details.  Let’s look at the nitty gritty of how the grant works.

How Does It Work?

The Google Ad Grants programme allows you to create and develop a custom marketing strategy, that helps you achieve your goals, however, there are certain parameters attached to this ‘free’ money:

  • £6,500* ($10,000) per monthwith the potential of increasing the monthly budget to £26,000* ($40,000) per month!
  • A $2.00 maximum cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Only run keyword targeted campaigns
  • Only appear on the Google search results pages
  • Only run text ad (That means no image ads)

*All Google Grant activity is priced using US Dollars. Therefore £ is priced at approximate exchange rate at time of writing this blog.

How Can It Help Me?

It is advised that, before you dive into any new marketing strategy,  you understand your goals and what you want achieve. Whether that’s brand recognition, driving donations or increasing volunteers. With AdWords you are targeting user’s searches, therefore you can target specific keywords they are using and get your message in front of them at the right time.

What’s more, you’ll be joining an already engaged audience. According to Google, 75% of people who are looking to make donations look for information about non-profit and charity organisations online.

google donors stats

The number of keywords and campaigns you want to target is unlimited! Meaning you can mix and match your marketing strategy. With Adwords you are also able to direct traffic to the most relevant pages to help maximise your effectiveness, and ultimately help you drive your charity organisation forward!
Jamie Head of Recruitment & retention The Ramblers

“Receptional has provided a real insight, and the conversion rates have been incredibly impressive in such as short space of time.  Their customer service is excellent and I’d happily recommend them – I’m looking forward to our next campaigns” 

Janine – Head of Recruitment & Retention, The Ramblers

With Google Grants, charities and non-profit organisations can gain access to much needed funds that they might never have been able to raise on their own. You’ll be able to expand your reach, gain greater visibility and recruit volunteers for no additional cost!

If you’re eligible, how can you get started?

It does not matter if your charity or non-profit organisation is big or small, so long as you are a registered charity you are eligible to join the programme. If you’re still unsure about whether your organisation can be classed as charity, visit the Google for Non-profits site for charity status eligibility specifically for the UK.

Receptional is working with several charities and has experience across a range of charitable areas and has helped them all increase their visibility and benefit their charity.  To check whether your non-profit organisation is eligible for Google Ad Grants, or if you would like Receptional to help manage or improve an existing campaign, please contact us today.

Chris Whyatt

Chris started at Receptional in October 2014, having previously managed an in-house PPC team. Being a new father to his son Archie “Danger” Whyatt, (Yes, Danger really is his middle name) Chris doesn’t have much spare time, but when he does he enjoys films and is a massive The Walking Dead & Game of Thrones fan. AdWords Qualified and a Bing Ads Professional.

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