22 Takeaways from Google Marketing Live 2022

22 Takeaways from Google Marketing Live 2022

by Chris Whyatt
Agency Innovation Lead

25 May 2022

Yesterday, Google showcased their latest developments, technology and insights at the Google Ads marque event, Google Marketing Live. From the main stage, we heard from leading individuals within the Google Ads business:

  • Jerry Dischler – VP/GM Ads,
  • Vidhya Srinivassan – VP/GM, Ads on Google Properties, Buying & Measurement
  • Matt Madrigal – VP/GM, Merchant Shopping
  • Saurabh Sharma – Sr.Director, Product Management, Analytics, Insights & Measurement

It provided great insights into Google’s mission for their $256.7 billion ad platform. Jerry Dischler broke it down into the three points:

  1. Reimagine what’s possible
  2. Drive results today
  3. Build resilience for tomorrow.

Here are some my key takeaways from the event:


  • YouTube Shorts now averages 30 billion daily views – 4 times as many as just a year ago.
  • YouTube for Action and App campaigns will now automatically scale across the Shorts format. Later this year you’ll be able to connect a product feed to campaigns, to make YouTube Shorts more shoppable to users.


Search and Shopping

  • Google emphasised that advertisers should provide a rich media content experience on websites. Clearly, they’ll be using these signals to better enhance the user experience on search, when surfacing results to user questions.
  • This is even more apparent when it comes to Shopping on Google search. Google are providing a more ‘natural and intuitive’ search results page. Both Ads and Organic results will show a more visually rich environment.


  • Within the Search ads themselves, Google is introducing ‘Chat Function’, where users can open a chat box directly with the advertisers.
  • More Shopping enhancements are coming, with Google looking to showcase businesses’ loyalty benefits to both existing and new customers.
  • Google are also rolling out the ability to ‘Check out on merchant’. This means when users click on a product ad, they’ll be taken directly to the checkout page with the product added to their basket. It allows for quick sales and fewer consumers falling out of your checkout funnel.

Performance Max

  • Google doubled down on the impact of Performance Max campaigns. This format allows advertisers to create a single campaign, which then activates across the whole Google eco-system. It provides users with the right message at the right time, to drive conversions.
  • However, it’s clear that advertisers want more control over this process. So Google is launching an A/B test function for Performance Max, to provide the ability to drive incremental conversions.
  • In future, you’ll also be able to optimise towards and measure In-Store purchases and Phone calls via Performance Max.
  • Asset library will also allow advertisers to create video ads in less than 60 seconds using new template options.

Privacy and tracking

  • Privacy was also another topic of discussion, with Google highlighting that, by 2023, 65% of users worldwide will be covered by modern privacy laws – up from 10% in 2021.
  • Google have increased their coverage, accuracy and consistency of data intelligence. Therefore data-driven attribution (DDA) conversion tracking has become more important for advertisers, to understand the best picture of how their ads are performing. With this, DDA will become the default attribution measurement type. Also DDA can now be used regardless of conversion volumes.
  • Google Tagging will now be simplified, replacing the global site tag, to help advertisers implement and track users more easily.


  • Optimization score also surfaced in the conversation, with Google claiming that, with a +10pt increase, advertisers can expect a +14% median increase in conversions.
  • Moving forward, all campaign types will be covered in the optimization and recommendation tabs.
  • With enhancements in its back-end AI, as seen from improvements with DDA, Google is providing a one-click experiment to test broad match keywords with Smart Bidding. Google claims that on average it sees 20% more conversion value when changing from exact match to broad match.
  • Within Google Ads, you’ll soon be able to run both Search and Conversion lift tests. This is exciting, considering that at Receptional, we have a test and learn mindset for our clients. So, this new feature will enable us to dig deeper in our testing methodology.
  • As well as optimization score and recommendation page improvements, Google is also surfacing more reports within its Insights page:
    • Attribution insights, showing you how ads across Search, Display and YouTube are driving conversions
    • Budget insights, showing opportunities to better optimise budgets and how your campaigns are pacing against budget goals
    • Audience insights, for first-party data, showing how customer segments – for example, from Customer Match – are driving conversions.

Overall, it’s clear that Google are really dedicated to enhancing user privacy, as well as showcasing their advances in AI technology. This can only help provide a better user experience and ultimately, for agencies, the opportunity to drive better value for our clients.

Need some help navigating these changes? Check out our paid search and social services, and contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.

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