AI Brand Recommendations Launched By Google

AI Brand Recommendations Launched By Google

by Mike Hobbs
Paid Media Manager

3 July 2024

AI Brand Recommendations Launched By Google – June 2024

Unlock New Heights in Brand Marketing with Google Ads’ Latest AI Enhancements

In June, Google announced the introduction of its new AI-powered “Brand Recommendations.” This latest development is designed to revolutionise how brands manage their advertising campaigns by offering insights that span the entire marketing funnel.

What Are Brand Recommendations

Brand Recommendations are a set of recommendations within Google Ads that specifically cater to awareness and consideration. They are a part of the Recommendations section within Google Ads. These tools utilise advanced AI to provide tailored advice on optimizing your existing CPM or CPV campaigns to ensure maximin reach.

Why Brand Recommendations Matter

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying ahead means leveraging the latest technology to make informed decisions quickly. Google’s Brand Recommendations simplify this process by automating the analysis of past campaign data, current settings, and broader industry trends. This analysis results in actionable insights that can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your advertising strategy.

With Google regularly discovering new recommendations for each advertiser, it is worthwhile to check these recommendations regularly.

The recommendations provided are divided into the following key areas:

1. Ads and Assets – Create new ads and refine existing ads.

2. Bidding and Budgets – Designed to help you find the right bid strategy to meet your goal and to ensure your ads are not limited by bids and budgets.

3. Keywords and Targeting – Help to reach more people who are looking for what you offer.

4. Measurement – Gain deeper and better insights into campaign performance by unlocking additional reporting features.

Embracing the Future

Adopting these AI-driven Brand Recommendations aligns with best practices for maximizing the success of your brand campaigns on Google Ads. As the digital landscapes evolve, tools like these are crucial for marketers looking to secure a competitive edge and achieve substantial, measurable results. If you need support, please contact us here.

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