Four key takeaways from Google’s API leak

Four key takeaways from Google’s API leak

by Tim Room
SEO Manager

3 June 2024

Four Key Takeaways from Google’s API Leak 

This is for marketers focused on organic search

This month an anonymous source shared thousands of leaked Google search documents. Our friends at SparkToro analysed all 2,500 pages. Our SEO team has pulled out the key lessons…

1. Brand is Paramount

It’s no surprise to discover that Google favours large, powerful brands over smaller, independent sites.

Building a notable, popular brand is crucial for improving organic search rankings.

2. The importance of E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) may be overstated

E-E-A-T is important. We want your content to be trustworthy. But it is not directly emphasised in Google’s ranking systems.

Influence as an author online can benefit rankings, but the overall impact of E-E-A-T is questionable.

3. User Intention and Navigation Patterns are Key

Google prioritises user intent signals from queries and clicks over traditional SEO factors like content and links.

This has been apparent from our own observations over the years. And is more evidence of the importance of brand: well-liked brands attract more clicks than unloved brands.

Creating demand for your website among targeted searchers can outweigh the need for classic SEO techniques.

4. Classic ranking factors are declining, but Page Titles remain important

PageRank, anchor text, and text-matching have diminished in importance.

Multiple versions of PageRank have been created and discarded over the years.

Page titles still hold significant weight in search indexing and rankings.

Summary (TLDR version)

To succeed in today’s organic search landscape, focus on building a strong, recognisable brand and generating user demand through quality content and reputation.

Some traditional SEO factors are becoming less influential, while user intent and navigation patterns take precedence.

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