50 Essential Tips From BrightonSEO To Improve Your Online Marketing


50 Essential Tips From BrightonSEO To Improve Your Online Marketing

If you couldn’t attend September’s BrightonSEO, don’t worry, we’ve got you. Receptional have picked up the speakers’ top tips across PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media and everything else in between.

Paid Search – Top 10 AdWords Tactics for B2B Lead Gen Campaigns

by Jeroen Maljers, Swydo

1. “What are you hoping to achieve? Your clients’ brand awareness”.

2. “Focus your keywords, do not use jargon or business slang”.

3. “Schedule your ads around your clients’ opening and closing times”.

4. “Use your ad extensions wisely! Provide a phone number as customers look for easy contact”.

5. “Bonus Tactics: use relevant emojis, Gmail sponsored ads, be friendly and focus on your clients’ brand”.

6. “Your landing page is VERY important. It’s your customers’ journey. Make it mobile friendly”.

Paid Search – How to use Remarketing Tactics to Activate and Enhance Client Retention

by Saija Mahon, Mahon Digital Marketing Ltd

7. “We often forget to remember our loyal customers and tend to focus on new ones”.

8. “Retain your customers – it can cost 5 times more to acquire new customers. New customers don’t know your brand”.

9. “Re-engage visitors who abandoned their shopping carts”.

10. “Create relevant ads, connect these to landing pages and create new landing pages”.

11. “Create compelling calls to action”.

12. “Test all platforms – testing is key”.

13. “Limit the frequency – give your visitors a break. The last thing you want to do is annoy loyal customers”.

14. “Drive conversion rates up over time, do not rush.”

15. “Remember loyal customers otherwise this could cause huge problems later on”.

16. “Utilise bid strategies for better performing paid ads”.

Paid Search – Excel Formulas Every PPC
Professional Will Need

by Anu A, Zoopla

17. “Make sure that you are working within your character limit”.

18. “Ask yourself who is it for, how much information do they need to know?”

19. “How large is your account? This will determine how large your Excel sheet will be”.

20. “Save all your formulae. Call on it when needed”.

21. “Formulae can be used for several stages of PPC account management”.

Content Marketing – The Customer Disconnect: How Inside-Out Copy Makes You Invisible

by Amy Harrison, Write With Influence

22. “The customer disconnect is not always a copy-writing problem – it’s a story problem”.

23. “What’s easy about your product? Reinforce this”.

24. “Build a story that connects”.

25. “People want a transformation, not a transaction”.

26. “Content and copy won’t paper over cracks”.

27. “Write copy that makes them want YOU not just YOUR product”.

Content Marketing – ROI Measurement in Content Marketing

by Chelsea Blacker, BlueGlass

28. “Identify which stage of the buying cycle you are in”.

29. “Incorporate ROI measurement when kick-starting your campaign”.

30. “Remember to measure your dark social shares“.

Content Marketing – Blogging Advice that’ll Make your Job Easier – Guaranteed!

by Sam Charles, Float Digital

31. “Storytelling is key for GREAT content”.

32. “Find out what’s current and relevant, do the journalists’ work for them”.

33. “Save yourself embarrassment when typing quickly, spell check everything”.

34. “Publish and forget is a big no, no. This becomes a problem when information is outdated”.

Link Building – Link building 2018

by Fili Wiese, Search Brothers

35. “We must remember that Google is NOT against link building, just for using it to boost our own rankings”.

36. “Link Building = necessary, even in the future”.

37. “You can even go as far as to say: without links, there is no web”.

38. “If you aren’t getting traffic, it isn’t a good link”.

39. “Focus on building conversions”.

Link Building – Creating Workflows for Link Building

by Dixon Jones, MajesticSEO

40. “Link building does still matter for its rankings”.

41. “Links have wildly different strengths”.

42. “The way you connect with someone is important, as it has to be on their terms”.

43. “Engaging can be the hardest part, as it’s all about networking”.

44. “Content need not be a KING”.

45. “The best content assets are about the idea, product and process”.

“Link Building – Righteous Tips for Building
Totally Excellent Local Links”

by Greg Gifford, Dealer On

46. “Google weights inbound links based on authority and relevance”.

47. “Local links ARE relevant”.

48. “Link Building is all about real-world relationships”.

49. “Local links are hard to reverse-engineer”.

50. “You can get tonnes of local links for the same amount of effort”.¬†



N.B Please be aware, we collected these tips on the day so we apologise for any inaccuracies. Please email csanders@receptional.com if you have any edits.

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