Reaching 91% impression share in crisis appeal

The challenge

Receptional’s aims were to:

  1. Build awareness of the East Africa Crisis Appeal
  2. Secure donations using both Google Ad Grants and paid PPC activity
  3. Increase Concern’s online presence during the Appeal’s TV and radio broadcasts

What we did

  1. Created new campaigns for both Google Grant and paid activity
  2. Focused the campaigns on key themes matched to specific audiences
  3. Used the budget to bid tactically – around radio and TV broadcasts when conversion rates were highest

Receptional also created a template plan that is ready to roll out whenever the next emergency occurs. We also worked with
Concern to improve their landing page conversion rate – by testing landing page designs

Services used


Paid Search (PPC)


Conversion Optimisation

The results

  1. During the appeal Concern and Receptional secured a 91% impression share
  2. Brand clicks increased by 82% compared to previous periods
  3. Clicks and conversions during TV and radio broadcasts increased by 291% compared to the rest of the time the appeal campaigns were live as shown in the graph below

Receptional has played a key role in forming and implementing our digital marketing activities. They’ve helped improve the quality of traffic arriving at our site as well as the number of overall donations.

Peter Reynolds - Concern Worldwide  />
Peter Reynolds
Director of Fundraising
Concern Worldwide

Receptional’s campaign was a finalist for:

  1. The “Best Use of Search” award at the European Search Awards; and
  2. The Best Charity/Not for Profit Campaign at the Drum Search Awards

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