Integrated, full-funnel approach yields more profitable leads for financial educator

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Investment Mastery is a financial education business with a mission to help clients improve their investing knowledge – from trading stocks and shares to understanding cryptocurrencies. 

The challenge

Investment Mastery has products for each funnel stage:

  • Top-of-funnel: free thought leadership content, to get users into the ecosystem
  • Middle-of-funnel: free workshops, to nurture them towards the paid product
  • Bottom-of-funnel: an annual membership, with access to exclusive training and video content.

But this posed three challenges:

  1. Turning leads into profitable customers: Top and middle-of-funnel campaigns were siloed, meaning the cost of each workshop registration was unprofitable.
  2. Tracking multi-channel campaigns: With its previous agency, it was unable to measure campaign performance to the level of detail required.
  3. Navigating advertising regulation: With advertising platforms restricting ads about cryptocurrencies, it often found campaigns disrupted.

Investment Mastery brought Receptional onboard to provide a solution.

The solution

Using best practice, insights from previous campaigns and our own research into high-net-wealth individuals’ buying habits, we proposed a three-pronged strategy:

  1. Increase brand awareness at the very top of the funnel
  2. Drive lead generation through the use of lead magnets
  3. Use integrated campaigns to drive lead magnet leads further down the funnel.

This approach saw us run integrated campaigns across Programmatic, Google/YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Bing ads.

And we integrated Investment Mastery’s CRM with the advertising platforms, to enable remarketing to existing leads and fresh campaigns to Lookalike/Similar audiences.

We also provided consultancy on multi-channel campaign tracking, ad copywriting, and overall branding and messaging.

This culminated in us redesigning Investment Mastery's key lead magnet - The Lunchtime Trader eBook - as well as accompanying landing pages, to differentiate it from competitors' and improve conversion rates.

A play button

Overall, we’re really happy with Receptional’s proactivity and consistent approach to wanting to better our advertising.

Gabriella Gatehouse
Brand and Content Manager, Investment Mastery

As people, they’ve been a great contribution to our marketing department. We’re excited to see what the future holds with Receptional.

John Castro
CEO, Investment Mastery

The results

The integrated campaign solved Investment Mastery’s challenges. It:

  • Reduced cost per acquisition by 57% (to 29% less than the target amount)
  • Increased leads generated by 275%
  • Enabled sophisticated multi-channel reporting, to improve performance further
  • Freed up time, by reducing the ads that required rewriting and unpausing.

The campaign also:

  • Won Best Use of Search - Finance (PPC) at the UK Search Awards 2022
  • Was commended for Most Effective Integrated Campaign (B2C) at the Financial Services Forum 2022 Awards for Marketing Effectiveness.


Ads for Investment Mastery's eBook, The Lunchtime Trader, on an iPhone

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