Could Paid Social Media Advertising Be Your Secret Weapon?

Could Paid Social Media Advertising Be Your Secret Weapon?

As marketers we’ve all been engrossed by the buzz word that is content marketing. Creating fantastic, like-worthy, share-worthy content to attract, acquire and engage our target audience, has become a popular marketing tactic over the past few years. Although most companies understand how to promote their content via social channels, such as their Facebook page, Twitter account or LinkedIn company page, many are missing out on reaching a larger audience through paid social promotions.

Is Paid Social Right For Me?

Before you dive into the world of paid social advertising, you need to check if it’s right for you. Do you want to reach a larger audience to gain more likes or followers? Do you want to boost a particular campaign? Do you want to boost your content? Do you want to gain more web traffic?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to at least one of these questions then paid social advertising is for you! So choosing which channel to do paid advertising on is the next decision.


Which Channel Should I Choose?

Now you know what you want from your paid social advertising endeavour it’s time to choose which channel; it could be one, or it could be all of them.


Facebook has two paid advertising options available, Facebook Page Promotion and Facebook Post Boosting. The two are different so should be used differently based on what you want them to ‘do’ for your business.

Promoting your page is a way to create ads that will show in News Feeds on the right hand side of Facebook, like this:

Side bar sponsored content:


News feed sponsored content:


To promote your page you need to run through a series of ‘selections’ which will target your page to the right audience. The selections are; location, interests, age and gender. From here you can select your budget and duration of advertising. From experience I have noticed an uplift in likes to the page, but engagement stays low. Here is an example of the set up for promoting a Facebook Page:


Boosting your Facebook posts works differently: you set up an audience group, in this you target your audience by location, age, gender and interests. From there you can select your budget and duration of advertising. Here’s an example of the set up on Facebook for boosting a post:


From experience, boosting a post brings in lots of engagement and likes. This engagement level has peaks and troughs but the new audience will engage with posts afterwards too.


Twitter not long ago started to offer the ability to promote tweets and this works best for increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to your website. Twitter allows you to target people by geography, interests or gender and you only pay when people click, retweet or reply to your tweet.


You are also able to target your ads specifically to certain behaviours. For example, if you are a car insurance company, you can promote your tweet to those who buy new cars, or even select those whose car insurance renewals come up in certain months.

Twitter will even help you to optimise the performance of your promoted Tweets and this is a great way of cutting through the ‘noise’ to make sure that your voice is heard.


LinkedIn Ads are one of the most important tools for putting yourself in front of other businesses and for B2B sales. Again, they can be highly targeted to a specific audience and offer fantastic value for money.


With LinkedIn Ads you are able to create campaigns to either take the user to your LinkedIn page or to your website. You can also create up to 15 ad variations to see which combination of text and image is the most compelling for your target audience.

Ads that work well have very strong calls to action and offer an incentive for clocking, such as a digital guide download or a free trial of your product. People go to LinkedIn to do business, so if you plan your adverts well, you can see the highest returns from this channel.


Who’s Benefited from Paid Social Media Advertising?

Companies who have benefited from paid social media advertising efforts are:

The – how they produced a higher ROI

The Digiterati conducted a controlled experiment to see which method of Facebook advertising produced a higher ROI, the results were;

  • Reach was 50.4% higher when the post was boosted
  • The cost per 1,000 people reached was £4.12 less when boosted
  • The CTR was 16% higher when promoted
  • Unique clicks was 50% more when boosted

You can view the full experiment here.


What Are The Benefits Of Paid Advertising?

Paid social advertising is so easy to set-up (it’s practically bomb-proof). Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn make it so easy by giving you a step-by-step guide, easy payment system and flawless ROIs.

It’s targeted. Gone are the days when you weren’t really sure who you were targeting by putting up a billboard sign, who was seeing the sign and actually making a decision based on that sign. You know who you’re targeting and if the people who you targeted have ‘converted’.

It’s flexible Only want to run your paid social campaign for 7 days? That’s fine. Only want to run your paid social campaign until you spend £X? That’s also fine.

ROI. Paid Social media can add further development to growth, especially successful initiatives are being implemented.

Engagement. Paid social media can help to grow an audience for your profile that is more likely to engage with you rather than keep scrolling past you.


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