5 tips for successfully managing an agency

5 tips for successfully managing an agency

by Emma

Client Success Manager

Finding the right agency to work with is a lot like dating.

It’s important to know what you’re looking for, before you jump in head first.

Relationships can be hard work, but no-one said they would be easy.

Nurturing relationships is important and rewarding. But failing to do so can be costly – even in business.

In fact, 100% of clients agree that collaboration from start to finish leads to the best advertising.

Which is why we have produced this 12-page eBook: 5 tips for successfully managing an agency.

As part of our Agency Analysis series, we share our top five tips on developing a long-term (and successful!) agency relationship.

These tips form the basis of a simple acronym, PRICE. And in this eBook, we will discuss the importance of:

  • Planning
  • Rapport
  • Information
  • Communication
  • Evaluation

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