Specialist Motor Insurance: Who is winning at SEO?

Specialist Motor Insurance: Who is winning at SEO?

by Dave

Head of Content Strategy

Marketing in the finance sector can come with its challenges. Obstacles include red tape and compliance, occasionally dry subject matter, product complexities and ever-changing changing regulations.

The automotive insurance sector has to contend with all of these issues, plus steep learning curves and a higher barrier to entry than other industries.

Which is why Receptional has undertaken extensive primary research in the sector. We identified the key questions a potential customer might ask when searching for providers. And then analysed how the big players in the market perform, and the reasons why.

In this 25-page eBook: Specialist Motor Insurance: Who is winning at SEO? we reveal the winners and losers, highlighting:

  • Which firm is performing best in Google’s rankings?
  • What do the winners do well?
  • How can challenger brands improve their performance?

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