How High-Net-Worth Individuals buy online

How High-Net-Worth Individuals buy online

by James

Head of Natural Search

At the end of 2019, Receptional conducted extensive research into the search market for wealth management services.

We found the following three key takeaways:

  • In this niche, the UK public make more than 10 million non-brand searches a year;
  • The largest wealth management firms attract lots of traffic to their websites. But they mainly attract branded searches;
  • Few wealth management firms have robust strategies in place to target those 10 million non-brand searches.

We realised it’s difficult to pinpoint the valuable high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) from amongst those 10 million searches.

Which is why Receptional commissioned this research.

We found that an effective wealth management marketing strategy required an in-depth understanding of how HNWIs research and buy online.

And so, we created this eBook: HNWI buying habits revealed – How High-Net-Worth Individuals buy online.

Here, you’ll discover:

  • How HNWIs research
  • What HNWIs read
  • How HNWIs buy

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