How Punters Choose Sports Betting Brands in 2021

How Punters Choose Sports Betting Brands in 2021

by Tillee

Senior Content Writer

New for 2022, this eBook reveals punters’ post-pandemic betting habits and how your marketing strategy should respond. Download your copy now.

Expanded research into punters’ habits

In the summer of 2020, Receptional surveyed 400 potential punters about how they research bets and choose operators.

Fast-forward 18 months and a lot’s changed. The sporting calendar has returned to normal. International tournaments have taken place. And esports have continued to attract new fans.

But uncertainty and inflation has put a squeeze on disposable income.

Against this backdrop, we decided to survey punters again, polling 450 individuals and asking deeper questions about:

  • How they choose operators and how many they use
  • What content and channels influence their decisions
  • Which betting brands they trust the most and why.

New insights into digital’s growth

The research has revealed:

  • Punters have opened more accounts, but not increased the amount they bet
  • Younger punters prefer online operators; older ones stick with high-street brands
  • 85% of punters now use social media, compared with 74% who watch TV.

We discuss these findings in detail – and offer pointers on how your marketing strategy should respond – in this eBook.

Download your copy now.

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