How to best use PPC in 2021 to acquire high-value gamers

How to best use PPC in 2021 to acquire high-value gamers

by Matt

Head of Paid Search

We know that Sportsbook and Casino are fiercely competitive markets. Which is why we want to understand our audience.

At the end of 2020, Receptional conducted extensive research into online behaviour in the Sports & Gaming sector. We surveyed a 400-strong panel of potential punters about their ‘buying and browsing’ habits.

To qualify, participants had to have:

  • At least one account with an online sports betting operator
  • Placed a bet within the last six months using one of their accounts

You’ll be surprised by the results.

The audience insights provided fantastic insights on how to get more value from our search, display and video campaigns.

Answering questions, such as:

  • Balancing compliance and best practice: how can we maximise returns while promoting responsible gaming?
  • Why – and how – should video form a key part of our strategy in a covid world?
  • How can we use highly-targeted display advertising to maximise brand awareness?

And so, we created this 12-page eBook: How to use PPC to acquire high-value gamers (2021 edition).

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