Maximising creativity in sports writing: A seven-step guide

Maximising creativity in sports writing: A seven-step guide

by Simon

Senior Sports Writer

The demand for online sports content has never been higher. Search any sports-related term on Google and millions upon millions of articles will pop up in the results.

At Receptional, we produce thousands of pieces of sports content each year – on par with many national newspapers.

With such a high turnover, it can be difficult to maintain creative focus. But there are various practices we follow that allow us to harness our creativity consistently, even with such a high volume of content.

That’s why we’ve put together this nine-page eBook: Maximising creativity in sports writing: A seven-step guide.

It focuses on the key steps in writing creative sports content on a consistent basis, avoiding the pitfalls of repetition, quote-stuffing and wordiness.

You’ll discover:

  • How to best understand your topic and audience
  • The skill of identifying key sports stories and crafting an angle
  • Practical steps to help you write compelling sports content consistently

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