Brilliant Basics: How to Use Machine Learning to Superpower Display Ads in 2021

Brilliant Basics: How to Use Machine Learning to Superpower Display Ads in 2021

When online, we spend 96% of our time browsing websites, using social media and consuming video content. Display advertising works across all these different media. Which means display ads can be a brilliant way to build your brand.

Better still, over the past few years display advertising has been transformed. Google has invested many millions of dollars in machine learning. Which means ads are now supercharged – hyper-targeted and way more versatile than before.

If you’re looking to build your brand, try downloading this eBook. You’ll learn:

  • How display advertising can help you reach new audiences
  • How display ads support and supplement your other online channels
  • How finance marketers, in particular, can use display ads to build an audience.

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by Matt Loughlin
Director / Head of Paid Media

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