Brilliant basics: why your digital ads should be multi-channel

Brilliant basics: why your digital ads should be multi-channel

by Cassidy

Paid and Social Consultant

Magazine and print advertising spend dropped 30% and 46% respectively, between 2020 and 2021.

Meanwhile digital spend rose 13%.

What’s more, Analytic Partners’ research showed that campaigns spanning two or more channels were up to 35% more effective than their single-channel counterparts.

As such, digital multi-channel advertising is a must these days.

But how you do you implement it?

In this free, 16-page eBook, our Paid Search and Social Consultants, Cassidy Abercrombie, Phoebe Dolan and Callum Riches, look at the steps:

  • Understanding your target audience through personas
  • Defining your marketing funnel – and which channels to use when
  • Testing messages for awareness, consideration and conversion
  • Executing campaigns across Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Assigning budget to targeting and remarketing activity correctly.

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The eBook: Why your ads should be multi-channel

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