In 2022, we’ve seen more people Googling pension-related information than in any of the previous five years.

Given Brexit, Covid, war in Europe and the “mini-budget”, it’s perhaps not surprising; our future feels less certain.

Against this backdrop, we’ve analysed the pensions search market, identifying 1,100+ commonly used keywords worth 5.6 million searches a year. More importantly, we’ve uncovered which brands are dominating results and how.

This report, in partnership with the Financial Services Forum, shares the results, alongside interviews with two brands that are outperforming the market: PensionBee and Tideway Investments.

In it, we look at brands’ search performance at three stages – education, consolidation and withdrawal – and highlight the four things you need to do to compete:

  1. Create high-quality on-site content
  2. Optimise your site speed and UX
  3. Secure links from authoritative sources
  4. Build greater awareness of your brand.

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Meet the author

by Justin Deaville
Managing Director

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