Sports Bettors’ Buying Habits 2023: US Edition

Sports Bettors’ Buying Habits 2023: US Edition

The online sportsbook market is one of the most competitive in the world. The pace of change is rapid. And ever-evolving regulations make marketers’ lives difficult.

Because of this, it’s important to keep our understanding of customers – and what makes them tick – fresh. Which is why we’ve surveyed US bettors. We wanted to understand:

  • Who’s betting and why
  • Which brands are standing out in this growing market
  • What the outlook for betting spend is, given the cost-of-living squeeze in the US and fears of recession around the world.

So we surveyed 465 people in the US who had at least one account with a betting operator and had placed a sports bet online in the last year. This eBook summarises our findings, covering:

  1. Past and future betting spend
  2. The three personas who are betting today
  3. Which brands are first choice and why
  4. How US bettors differ from their UK counterparts
  5. The emergence of eSports betting.

We finish with key takeaways for sport betting brands – some simple tips to make your marketing more effective in 2023.

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Meet the author

by Luke Nava
Marketing Manager

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